Magic Potion, everything produces like crazy

Magic potion, everything produces like crazy “This stuff is the magic potion for the garden!  It improves the health and

Build Healthy Soil Foundation with VermisTerra

Building Healthy Soil Foundation with VermisTerra In the past, we had more issues with insect pests, plant diseases, and stressed

Vitality Castings Poop as Rooting Hormone

Vitality Worm Castings as Rooting Hormone We’ve been using Vermisterra’s Vitality for rooting and the results have been epic! Soak

Spraying with Vitality reduced aphids and white flies

Spraying Vitality reduced aphid and white fly populations Build healthy soil by adding the BEST organic material: worm castings. Also

Biggest and Best Strawberries

There is so much confusion on how to fertilize your strawberries.  Here is your definitive guide to growing the BIGGEST

Vermisterra Tea saves family Royal Poinciana tree

VermisTerra Tea rescues family Royal Poinciana tree Mr. Hsieh wanted to save a dying Flame Tree (Royal Poinciana) growing outside

Brought My Tomatoes Back with Vitality

Brought Tomatoes Back with Vitality Previous Next “Don’t get discouraged, you can still save your dying tomato or pepper plants

This Stuff is Gold

This Stuff is Gold  “This stuff is like gold. It’s unbelievable. It’s like crack for plants. I use it all

Leaf Miners Gone with VermisTerra Tea

Leaf Miners Gone with VermisTerra Tea I noticed some leaf miners on  my watermelon leaves so I mixed up some

Crazy growth on Meyer Lemon

Crazy Growth on Meyer Lemon “Look at the crazy new growth and how huge the leaves are on this Meyer

Biggest growth explosion

Biggest growth explosion with Vitality I added Vitality on a Sunday, 1% strength, and by Friday it had all the

Green New Growth on Yellowing Houseplant

Green New Growth on Yellowing Houseplant “I had 2 pothos that were struggling with very yellow leaves. I tried Vitality,

Vitality liquid concentrated worm castings – super food for veggies

Vitality- Liquid Concentrated Worm Castings – A super food for my veggies This season I found this great liquid worm

Banana tripled in size, in couple months

“Vitality definitely has helped with the soil health in my new planted area. My banana has tripled in size over

Crazy cluster of eggplants, Marigold bounced back

At the end of the season, Oksana wasn’t expecting this eggplant to give anything more. “After adding Vitality at Supercharge

Astronomical results on Peppers- Snapped out of shock and explosive growth

"I had astronomical results with the worm tea! My peppers produced 4 times more then they normally do! It also

No more white flies

“I have 80 variety of plumeria. Thanks to your product, I had no white flies last year. The year before,

No more “black rot” in cabbage

Mr. Kang grows cabbage and broccoli in Taiwan. He works with a group of growers who export to Canada. After

Cucumbers see improved production and quality

Mr. Ding from Chiayi county, Taiwan uses “non-toxic, safe cultivation management practices” to produce high quality cucumbers. He started testing

Beautiful Morning Glory – more productivity, speed and uniform growth

Mr. Wei grows kongxincai (aka water spinach or morning glory) in Taiwan. “Although the temperature was low recently, it did not

Organic Bitter Gourd – improved soil problems, more output and less disease

“Previously, the soil on our farm had problems due to salt. We tried VermisTerra worm tea and saw improvement in

Winery “the best grapes we had all year”

“Last year was super tough because we didn’t have much of a winter. So things started to bud out in

Skeptic has double harvest, no horn worms

“I’ve been growing tomatoes my whole life: heirlooms, cherries and beef steaks. I’m a skeptic, but I used worm tea

Huge Rhubarb, astonishing tomato and strawberries

Check out this video featuring harvesting big rhubarb from Misilla’s channel: Learn To Grow.  She said a lot of her

Wine Grape Vineyard Very Pleased with Worm Tea Results

Dennis Erickson, owner of Erickson’s Vines, Fallbrook CA tell us about his 6 year old cabernet franc vineyard. After using

The Best Year – Healthier Vines, Less Pests, 26 BRIX

Dennis Erickson, owner of Erickson’s Vines, Fallbrook CA tells us about the changes to his vineyard after applying VermisTerra tea

Larger Edamame Pods

This year we planted 30 plots of edamame, planting them in two batches. After using the tea, it improved the

Amazing Results – Tomatoes Grown With and Without VermisTerra Tea

Misilla from Learn to Grow shares amazing results from her experiment growing tomatoes with and without VermisTerra earthworm casting tea

HydroSpiral is the premier root watering system on the market

‘According to the EPA, “An American family of four can use 400 gallons ​of water per day, and about 30

Finally produced grapes! Tripled my pepper production and size

I planted two champagne grapes a few years ago and they never produced for me. I watered regularly, amended the

Paraplegic Has Best Cucumbers Ever, Petunias All in Bloom

I am a paraplegic and use a wheelchair and love to garden. I’ve been using VermisTerra earthworm castings in my

Saved From The Brink of Death

Flower lover and 3rd grade teacher Chris Lunney shares how VermisTerra tea saved her precious clematis flowers from “the brink

Indoor Plants Perked Right Up

“Last year I met these awesome people (points to VermisTerra bottle) at a trade show and got some samples. Let

From the Worst to the Best Production

I’ve been running a date ranch for decades. I’ve seen results with VermisTerra tea and recommended it to a farm

Everything Looks Better

One thing I noticed on the hibiscus is, where you’d have a little yellowing on the leaves, after the worm

Everything was blooming

I was really surprised because it really made a huge difference. It seems to make the soil even better. My

No More Tomato Horn Worms

I’ve been growing tomatoes for 10 years. Every year I always find green tomato worms. The moth lays in the

In hydroponics, VT boosts plants immune system: more resilient to pests and disease

I have been designing, building, and operating indoor hydroponics systems for over 20 years. One of the biggest no-no’s in

Amazing how well it works!

Just want to share example of your worm castings. It’s amazing how well it works! The small sick looking romaine

Healthier Start, Less Pest Issues

” I have been using their worm casting and worm tea products for most of 2017 and I will be

Cucumbers Stay Fresh For 30 Days

“I’m a consultant for a cucumber greenhouse. We switched from chemical nutrients to VermisTerra to get into the organic market. We

Helped With Unseasonably Cool May

“My beautiful fiance, is the one who thought of using your tea. She is a super big fan of CaliKim’s

Tomato Comparison – Significant Difference Between Chemical vs VermisTerra

“I have been using worm castings and worm casting tea in my garden this year. I like to see how

Amazed! Best Cannabis Grow Yet

I have seen guaranteed positive results since using the earthworm castings tea from VermisTerra on my cannabis outdoor crop. Don’t

Cannabis Consultant – Spider Mite + Root Rot Problems Solved

I’ve been a cannabis growing consultant in California for 10 years and help new growers start up and find solutions

Producing more than I can deal with

I am SHOCKED at the results.  I am floored at my plants and their production now! I planted a new

From no fruit to hundreds. That stuff is magic!

We love the VermisTerra worm tea so much!! We couldn’t get avocados from the tree in the past. For our first

Superior Product… Very Impressed With Their Quality

“One of the best fertilizers for organic gardens is worm castings. I use this if I don’t have a great

Outstanding Results With Onions & Garlic

“Here in Illinois I started my onions from seed indoors. On or about March 5, 2017 the weather got really

Better Bok-Choy in Soil-Less vs Hydroponics

Comparison of Chinese cabbage “bokchoy” grown using VermisTerra Earthworm Castings with a coco coir mix versus hydroponics.

Success Rooting Woody Herb Cuttings

Kim Hooper AKA “CaliKim 29” on YouTube shows her success with rooting oregano and rosemary cuttings with the help of VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea.

Lettuce Garden Survives Heat Wave

Watch CaliKim29’s lettuce garden that has been applied VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea subsist the heat of Southern California.

Strawberry Tower Survives Frost

Watch video of Kim’s strawberry towers, and a couple berries where the seeds are starting to sprout called vivipary.

Sick Lemon Tree Recovers

30 year old sick lemon tree recovers from application of VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea.

Papaya Tree Produces Triple Amount

My papaya tree usually gives off 10-20 fruits. I usually lose a few to frost. This year my grandson gave

Hay Grows in Drought, Survives Frost, and Stays Green

“I have been a cattle rancher in California for 20yrs. 3rd generation cattle ranchers are rare. Even more rare are

More Crop and Early Harvest For Peaches

After using VermisTerra Tea, we got our peach harvest earlier than all the other farms, which means more money at the

Mango Increased Size and Tonnage

My friend’s mango farm saw both size and tonnage increase after using VermisTerra tea. They went from using 12 different

Citrus Trees Recover from Phytophthora, Increase Production

My 20 acres of grapefruit and lemon were struggling with Phytophthora and HLB disease. We lost 20% of the grove, and another 20%

Organic Blueberry Co Test Finds 20% Increased Tonnage

A well known organic blueberry company experimented by giving VermisTerra tea to some bushes and none to a control group. They

Blueberrie’s Recover From Fusicoccum Cankers

Bob’s blueberry orchard was struggling with the three diseases: Fusicoccum fungus, Phytophthora, and Baccilim. Using VermisTerra Tea helped his trees

Olive Trees Survive Disease, Increase in Oil Produced

A Bakersfield olive orchard struggled with soil borne disease. The young plants were infected from the nursery and the disease spread

Increased Almond Tonnage

Two brothers in Bakersfield each had their own almond orchard, across the road from each other. They competed in almond

UC Riverside Study – VermisTerra Tea helps suppress root knot nematodes

University of California, Riverside PhD student performed and documented tests on tomato plants infested with root knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita). She found that plants


The stories and results collected from our customers are common, but depend on a many factors including plant species, soil type, environmental conditions, and other decisions of the grower. Individual results may vary.