I am a paraplegic and use a wheelchair and love to garden. I’ve been using VermisTerra earthworm castings in my garden since this Spring.

My petunias are full of blooms. I used castings and tea on these petunias and Calikim’s heat tolerant greens. Just can’t believe how well they’re all doing.┬áThe petunias, tomatoes and cucumbers were all started from seed and in castings and been fertilized with the worm tea. The beefsteak tomato plant that I am sitting next to I counted 29 tomatoes without even looking hard. There were smaller ones on that plant that I never counted. If tomatoes produce like cucumbers have been I will have plenty of juice stored away for winter.

I have a friend that I have convinced to try their premium castings. He too is a paraplegic and uses a wheelchair and loves to garden. We share pictures each day of our garden progress. He is amazed at how well mine are doing with your castings and tea.

I have the best cucumbers I have ever grown and my tomatoes really have some potential. The watermelon and canteloupe are off to great start. I’m really liking VermisTerra castings and tea.

-David, Havana IL