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Finally produced grapes! Tripled my pepper production and size

I planted two champagne grapes a few years ago and they never produced for me. I watered regularly, amended the soil with compost, and watched in dismay as they grew leaves then died off for the winter. Well, came across some worm castings tea and soil amendment by Vermisterra and started adding it earlier this year and was surprised and excited to finally get them to flower and produce some very sweet and delicious grapes!

They were delicious and had a high sugar content unlike the water logged grapes at the supermarket. My tortoises enjoy eating the leaves so these provide joy for the whole family. Can’t wait until next years yield. 

I tripled my pepper production and size this year. These are amazing! We have Serrano, jalapeño, cayenne and banana peppers. Another example of how prolific your garden can get if the plants are fed well, starting with adding some worm castings by Vermisterra along with some of their castings tea.

– Evan, Palm Springs CA – Instagram @Mokumebotanicalgarden