Frequently Asked Questions

VermisTerra earthworm castings are very pure and the benefits to your soil are long term. The Standard and Premium castings may be used interchangeably. Our Standard earthworm castings are fine with small slivers of organic material ideal for farms, raised beds, trees, shrubs and outdoor gardens. Premium earthworm castings are super fine and more efficient, created for seed starting, indoor plants and green house growing.

The earthworm castings are just like soil and can withstand any temperature. They do not go bad or expire. In fact, they get better with time. Worm Castings become moist or dry based on the surrounding humidity. You can rehydrate by misting with water.

VermisTerra Tea is best stored between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit, best not to let it freeze. VermisTerra tea has a shelf life of 1-2 years if you keep it stored out of the sun and do not let it freeze. Once water is added to the concentrate, feed into the soil within 24 hours.

Prevent water from entering the bottle of concentrate. It is normal for VermisTerra tea to have a manure stink. After all, “the funk brings the flavor” and your plants will love it.

VermisTerra Tea normally has a slight odor that may be unpleasant to some. This is common in organic soil amendments (think fish emulsion, manures), they are alive and food for plants as they break down. The Tea is more fast acting and plants perk up within hours, it also releases any locked up nutrients in your soil. Most farmers and gardeners get used to the smell- it does dissipate after the tea dries.

If water entered the Tea, it can go bad and smell like rotting dead animals. You can tell the Tea is normal if it is brown and clear like coca cola or concentrate tea. It is bad if it is black and cloudy. Even when it has gone bad, it doesn’t harm anything- it will just not have the benefit of living microorganisms.

The earthworm castings are a perfect pH for all plants at any age. They are especially beneficial for seed starting and transplants. The earthworm castings contain humic acid and natural growth hormones that help with fertility, seed germination, and can reduce transplant stress. Many nurseries add our earthworm castings into the planting hole to help protect the roots and increase survival rates.

VermisTerra tea should not be used directly on seeds. You can condition the soil with the tea, before hand, then plant the seeds after a couple of days. Feed VermisTerra tea after seeds have germinated and grown their first leaf. Start with a lower ratio for young seedlings (about half the normal rate).

VermisTerra is great for indoor plants since our castings have no odor and do not attract pests. Sprinkle earthworm castings into potted plants or into the water of water plants. Water using VermisTerra Tea diluted to 1-2 oz/Gallon.

The major difference in the VermisTerra Tea is the stability of the microbes within. VermisTerra Tea has a shelf life of a year or more, instead of only 24-48 hours. Due to this, there are no issues with pathogens from the tea.

VermisTerra nutrient tea is a concentrate and should be diluted before using.  We suggest mixing 3 oz of VermisTerra tea to 1 gallon of water. Depending on what type of plants you are feeding you can use more or less. Since VermisTerra tea is organic and natural, you can apply it during growing and blooming seasons without hurting the plant. Once you mix VermisTerra tea with water, feed to plants within 24 hours (do not store). View and download the Usage Guideline Here.

You should see increased foliar growth, deeper color of green in leaves, more fruit and enhances tastes. VermisTerra products condition your soil so this process takes time. The key is consistently adding tea. A little goes a long way. Some farmers see perkier plants in a couple of days, while most see results within 6-12 months of use.

At this time we are not able to sell or ship VermisTerra to Canada. We are looking for a distributor who can import and market our products in Canada.

Due to UPS shipping fees, we are not set up to take orders to Alaska or Hawaii thru our shopping cart. We are unable to ship the coco coir, but worm castings and tea are available. If you wish to order, please email us the items you would like to buy, coupon code, and we will send you a quote.

We raise red wiggler worms known for composting organic matter.

We feed our earthworms green waste material such as grass and tree clippings.

No, we do not sell our earthworms.

No, VermisTerra Tea is not just run off from worm beds. Leachate can contain phytotoxins (toxins that can harm plants and humans). Some of these toxins are created by bacteria. Every earthworm bin has good and bad microbes. Some leachate can contain harmful pathogens because it has not been processed through the earthworm’s intestinal tract. It should not be used on edible garden plants. VermisTerra Tea is lab tested and contains no pathogens (E. coli or Salmonella), and no heavy metals. VermisTerra Tea is safe to use on your organic herb, fruit and vegetable garden.

Our farm is located in Thermal, Southern California near the Salton Sea.

The VermisTerra Tea concentrate contains dormant microbes. Keep the bottle closed and free from foreign organic materials getting into the solution, including water droplets. Once you add water, the microbes wake up and begin to multiply. Do not store the mixture. Feed into the soil within 24 hours.

VermisTerra tea is not a chemical, it is biological life so it is compatible with other nutrients and some farmers report that it enhances the effectiveness of pesticides. The microbes in our products can accelerate decomposition and absorption. When using it with other soil amendments or fertilizers, please reduce those items by 50-70% of their recommended rate.

As raw materials (compost, wood, manure) break down they can cause Nitrogen draft. In order to prevent leaf burn and nutrient lock out issues, we recommend using only aged compost and no more than 20% raw materials in your soil to give it time to break down.