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HydroSpiral is the premier root watering system on the market

‘According to the EPA, “An American family of four can use 400 gallons ​of water per day, and about 30 percent of that is devoted to outdoor uses. More than half of that outdoor water is used for watering lawns and gardens. Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for almost one-third of all ​residential ​water use, totaling more than 7 billion gallons per day.”

A typical suburban home on a 1⁄4 acre lot uses between 2500 gallons and 2700 gallons of water per watering cycle. That’s a 40 percent system efficiency rate, which means only about 1000 gallons of that water goes to actually maintaining the landscape. The rest is wasted in overspray onto hardscapes and evaporation.

As a licensed irrigator, I accept the challenge of aiming for 100 percent efficiency, so I set out to create ‘Holistic Water Management Systems’, that renew the land, reduce runoff, and help recharge the aquifers. When given the opportunity to incorporate this model in a 30 acre food forest using alternative water sources, I knew this was my chance to design a state of the art, high efficiency, water management system that would help revivify and regenerate the surrounding landscape. Upon researching the most cutting edge tools on the market, I was elated to learn about the University of Arizona’s study in increasing tree growth by 48 percent.

There are several other products on the market similar to the HydroSpiral. After extensive research and lab analysis, I found that in the end it was HydroSpiral’s unique design that makes it the superior product on the market. No other brand features the spiral design that keeps it free and clear of sand and sediment without having to purchase a “sand sleeve” at additional cost. This unique design, coupled with the fact that the HydroSpiral is made from post consumer recycled materials, and costs about a1⁄3 of its competitors products, the choice was clear.

My opinion, as a professional irrigator is that the HydroSpiral is the premier root watering system on the market. They install easy and fast and are versatile with regard to active or passive systems.

Any irrigator looking to create a more Earth sustainable business model should have access to this technology. Homeowners looking to create a few beautiful, fast growing statement trees should have this in their tool kit. Farmers, permaculturists, landscape architects, or hobbyist seeking to maximize growth and yeild while helping to heal the land, should include this tool. The more we turn away from excessive and wasteful practices, and toward regenerative, holistic methods of cultivation, the closer we get to permanent solutions to many of our global problems.

I unequivocally recommend the HydroSpiral to anyone looking to plant a tree. The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, the second best time is today.’


Brenton “Brently” Donnell

Holistic Water Manager Licensed Irrigator
LI 23853



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Finally produced grapes! Tripled my pepper production and size

I planted two champagne grapes a few years ago and they never produced for me. I watered regularly, amended the soil with compost, and watched in dismay as they grew leaves then died off for the winter. Well, came across some worm castings tea and soil amendment by Vermisterra and started adding it earlier this year and was surprised and excited to finally get them to flower and produce some very sweet and delicious grapes!

They were delicious and had a high sugar content unlike the water logged grapes at the supermarket. My tortoises enjoy eating the leaves so these provide joy for the whole family. Can’t wait until next years yield. 

I tripled my pepper production and size this year. These are amazing! We have Serrano, jalapeño, cayenne and banana peppers. Another example of how prolific your garden can get if the plants are fed well, starting with adding some worm castings by Vermisterra along with some of their castings tea.

– Evan, Palm Springs CA – Instagram @Mokumebotanicalgarden

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Paraplegic Has Best Cucumbers Ever, Petunias All in Bloom

I am a paraplegic and use a wheelchair and love to garden. I’ve been using VermisTerra earthworm castings in my garden since this Spring.

My petunias are full of blooms. I used castings and tea on these petunias and Calikim’s heat tolerant greens. Just can’t believe how well they’re all doing. The petunias, tomatoes and cucumbers were all started from seed and in castings and been fertilized with the worm tea. The beefsteak tomato plant that I am sitting next to I counted 29 tomatoes without even looking hard. There were smaller ones on that plant that I never counted. If tomatoes produce like cucumbers have been I will have plenty of juice stored away for winter.

I have a friend that I have convinced to try their premium castings. He too is a paraplegic and uses a wheelchair and loves to garden. We share pictures each day of our garden progress. He is amazed at how well mine are doing with your castings and tea.

I have the best cucumbers I have ever grown and my tomatoes really have some potential. The watermelon and canteloupe are off to great start. I’m really liking VermisTerra castings and tea.

-David, Havana IL

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Saved From The Brink of Death

Flower lover and 3rd grade teacher Chris Lunney shares how VermisTerra tea saved her precious clematis flowers from “the brink of death” and helped her successfully germinate irish bells. She loves worm tea because it makes her garden flourish and in turn that makes her feel happy. She shares how nature and gardening is spiritual, grounding and restorative for her.

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Indoor Plants Perked Right Up

“Last year I met these awesome people (points to VermisTerra bottle) at a trade show and got some samples. Let me tell you, this is a really amazing product. I took it home and used it on my houseplants. I had some houseplants that were not doing so well, I used this tea and they perked right up, and did really well.

Also the cool thing is, you can use this in your home because it’s not too stinky. Some products are too stinky to use on indoor houseplants. This is a great product, it worked well, and it’s easy to utilize indoor or outdoor. I would 100% recommend this product.”

-Brittany, Owner of Drain Away Drain Tray


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From the Worst to the Best Production

I’ve been running a date ranch for decades. I’ve seen results with VermisTerra tea and recommended it to a farm that I consult. Their date palms on a certain field were watered heavily but still had dried leaves from the salt in the water and soil. Normally date palms produce 14-16 bunches of fruit. These averaged only 4 bunches per tree. That’s poor production.

After almost a year of using worm tea, the trees are producing 15 to 16 bunches per tree. The center new growth is all green. The manager there said, “We’ve never had this much production on this field. It’s gone from the worst producing field to having the best production.”

– Lando (Date Farm Owner and Consultant) Yuma, AZ 

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Everything Looks Better

One thing I noticed on the hibiscus is, where you’d have a little yellowing on the leaves, after the worm tea, was gone. It’s a big hibiscus and it just greened up and took off.

My stuff this year looks better than it did last year across the board. Everything looks better.  -Bob Shea, Coachella Valley CA

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Everything was blooming

I was really surprised because it really made a huge difference. It seems to make the soil even better.

My pink plumeria I had for 15 years that wouldn’t bloom, finally did when I gave it the VermisTerra worm tea, The cactuses went to bloom; they made babies. I have night-blooming cereus that the neighbors are taking pictures of because of the big flowers. They went crazy! The whole 12 to 15 colors I had were in bloom at once. It was beautiful.

The vegetable garden went really good, the citrus loved it, everything loved the worm tea!  – JJ, La Quinta, CA

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No More Tomato Horn Worms

I’ve been growing tomatoes for 10 years. Every year I always find green tomato worms. The moth lays in the soil and they would come back every year. This year I bought the VermisTerra worm tea and put it in my hose and sprayer. I sprayed my tomato plants and flowers every few weeks. When I finished harvesting this year, I found not one tomato worm!

– John Grime, La Quinta CA

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Why Can’t We Wash Off E.Coli on Romaine Lettuce?

CDC is urging Americans to throw away any Romaine lettuce they have. Many of died from lettuce tainted with e.Coli, that’s very scary. I used to think it was a matter of washing the vegetables.
Actually, the cause of pathogens in vegetables is using raw soil amendments like manures too close to harvest. There are regulations that require farmers to only apply fertilizers if there’s enough time for them to break down.
It’s not just about washing it off because these pathogens live within the tissue on the plant.
Thankfully for those gardening at home, VermisTerra earthworm casting products do not have pathogens, our formula allows microbes to pass that harmful stage. In face we lab test all our products to ensure they are heavy metal free and pathogen free (e.coli and salmonella).