No more “black rot” in cabbage

Mr. Kang grows cabbage and broccoli in Taiwan. He works with a group of growers who export to Canada. After using the VermisTerra tea, the production and quality of his crucifers improved by a lot. The biggest change was the cabbage no longer had any "black rot" so he was able to export. Mr Kang says this product is worth recommending to everyone.

Cucumbers see improved production and quality

Mr. Ding from Chiayi county, Taiwan uses “non-toxic, safe cultivation management practices" to produce high quality cucumbers. He started testing Vermisterra tea on his main crop. After using VermisTerra tea, Ding saw improved production and quality. As a result, online sales improved plus the business received many 5 star reviews.

Beautiful Morning Glory – more productivity, speed and uniform growth

Mr. Wei grows kongxincai (aka water spinach or morning glory) in Taiwan. "Although the temperature was low recently, it did not harm the growth thanks to VermisTerra tea. The earthworm tea not only activated his soil, but also caused uniform growth, more productivity, and sped up the growth rate. My buyers praised this harvest as “fresh”, “tender” and the appearance as “beautiful”." Mr. Wei highly recommends this product to his good friends. Now Vermisterra tea is the first choice for kongxincai farmers.

Organic Bitter Gourd – improved soil problems, more output and less disease

“Previously, the soil on our farm had problems due to salt. We tried VermisTerra worm tea and saw improvement in soil salinity and compaction problems. The tea also improved crop resistance using organic castings rich with micro-organisms. There is a significant increase in productivity, and yields and gains have also increased.  It reduced the incidence of disease. I’m very satisfied and recommend VermisTerra to all my friends.” - Mrs. Ling, Owner of an organic bitter gourd farm in Chiayi County,...

Winery “the best grapes we had all year”

"Last year was super tough because we didn’t have much of a winter. So things started to bud out in February and we even got a little late frost. So it was pretty tough, most of my vineyard’s production was way down.  These two guys (Joe and Dennis) who were using VermisTerra tea, they were right where they were last year and the fruit was Awesome. They were beautiful.  It wasn’t just me and my employees. We were processing it and...

How to Use VermisTerra Worm Tea and Castings

Misilla from Learn to Grow shows us how she feeds her garden with earthworm tea and castings. She goes over how to make the tea and feed using a watering can. She also shares how to side dresses her plants and trees with worm castings. This educational video also goes into the many benefits of earthworm castings while touring her beautiful garden in Washington.

Skeptic has double harvest, no horn worms

"I've been growing tomatoes my whole life: heirlooms, cherries and beef steaks. I'm a skeptic, but I used worm tea and got the best tomatoes I've ever had. I got probably double the usual harvest or more. I also would get horn worms every year but didn't have any this year! Our hibiscus usually has white flies and after using the worm tea every three weeks I have incredible flowers and not a white fly at all. Lastly, my Christmas...

Huge Rhubarb, astonishing tomato and strawberries

Check out this video featuring harvesting big rhubarb from Misilla's channel: Learn To Grow.  She said a lot of her viewers are shocked at how huge her rhubarb gets! "For the past three years, I’ve been using only worm castings and Vermisterra nutrient tea to amend our soil and feed our plants. Our plants have become healthier, more lush and bigger since! There are beneficial microbes and fungi in the worm castings which help break down organic matter that feeds...

Wine Grape Vineyard Very Pleased with Worm Tea Results

Dennis Erickson, owner of Erickson’s Vines, Fallbrook CA tell us about his 6 year old cabernet franc vineyard. After using VermisTerra castings and tea he observed that his plants were healthier, less pest problems, uses less water, and his winery is pleased with his grapes. Dennis shares about how the soil was dead, and he needed to build up the nutrients in the soil using VermisTerra earthworm castings and tea. Dennis shows us how he tops his grape vines and...

The Best Year – Healthier Vines, Less Pests, 26 BRIX

Dennis Erickson, owner of Erickson’s Vines, Fallbrook CA tells us about the changes to his vineyard after applying VermisTerra tea and castings. He no longer finds any “red blotch” leaves, much healthier appearance, there are less pests problems, one vine produced grapes for the first time in 5 years, and 26 BRIX quality wine grapes. The winery are very pleased with his grapes.   Watch: Erickson's Vines (Part 1) The Best Year - Healthier Vines, Less Pests, 26 BRIX Uncle Steve talks to...