Everything Looks Better

One thing I noticed on the hibiscus is, where you’d have a little yellowing on the leaves, after the worm tea, was gone. It’s a big hibiscus and it just greened up and took off.

My stuff this year looks better than it did last year across the board. Everything looks better.  -Bob Shea, Coachella Valley CA

Everything was blooming

I was really surprised because it really made a huge difference. It seems to make the soil even better.

My pink plumeria I had for 15 years that wouldn’t bloom, finally did when I gave it the VermisTerra worm tea, The cactuses went to bloom; they made babies. I have night-blooming cereus that the neighbors are taking pictures of because of the big flowers. They went crazy! The whole 12 to 15 colors I had were in bloom at once. It […]

No More Tomato Horn Worms

I’ve been growing tomatoes for 10 years. Every year I always find green tomato worms. The moth lays in the soil and they would come back every year. This year I bought the VermisTerra worm tea and put it in my hose and sprayer. I sprayed my tomato plants and flowers every few weeks. When I finished harvesting this year, I found not one tomato worm!

– John Grime, La Quinta CA

Photo from Google

Why Can’t We Wash Off E.Coli on Romaine Lettuce?

CDC is urging Americans to throw away any Romaine lettuce they have. Many of died from lettuce tainted with e.Coli, that’s very scary. I used to think it was a matter of washing the vegetables.

Actually, the cause of pathogens in vegetables is using raw soil amendments like manures too close to harvest. There are regulations that require farmers to only apply fertilizers if there’s enough time for them to break down.


It’s not just about washing it off because […]

Using VermisTerra for Seed Starts

Gary from The Rusted Garden explains the difference between VermisTerra and other organic soil amendments. He’s been testing VermisTerra for 2 years and shares why he likes VermisTerra premium castings compared to other worm castings. He even compares the water weight content in VermisTerra earthworm castings (18%) and another brand (47%).

See his peppers, lettuce, sage, tomatoes, oregano, flowers, mint, grown indoors using VermisTerra aged castings and tea. Don’t overfeed seed starts!



The 10lb bag of premium worm castings will make […]

In hydroponics, VT boosts plants immune system: more resilient to pests and disease

I have been designing, building, and operating indoor hydroponics systems for over 20 years. One of the biggest no-no’s in hydroponics is adding biological agents to your system. They tend to putrefy in the recirculating reservoir and gunk up the watering system components. As someone that believes passionately in organic farming methods being restricted to salt and mineral based fertilizers is one of the big disappointments of using a traditional hydroponic system.

I am constantly searching for ways to add […]

Amazing how well it works!

Just want to share example of your worm castings. It’s amazing how well it works!

The small sick looking romaine is in seed starting mix only and planted March 1st. The nice romaine was planted March 10th and is  in 2 1/2 cups coco coir and 1 cup of worm castings.

I sure am glad I didn’t do all in the seed starting mix or I would of gave up.  Thank you for your great product!
– David, Havana IL

Healthier Start, Less Pest Issues

” I have been using their worm casting and worm tea products for most of 2017 and I will be continuing to use this as part of my gardening routine going into 2018. I have followed a lot of gardening advice and also learned from trial and error and found out that worm castings and worm tea provide consistent and safe way for plants to get nutrients. While there are other ways to boost your plant’s growth I prefer […]

Blueberry Trial Results Significant

See all photos alongside Fennel Farm’s results report HERE.

We transplanted 12 varieties into 10 liter pots on November 30, 2015. The goal is to seek out varieties that will do best in the microclimate here in Aromas, California. If we can find a way to cut down on our fertilizer usage and provide a healthy environment where life can thrive in a container we are willing to try just about anything to achieve that objective. We are whole heartedly dedicated […]

Cucumbers Stay Fresh For 30 Days

“I’m a consultant for a cucumber greenhouse. We switched from chemical nutrients to VermisTerra to get into the organic market. We used both the worm castings and their tea. Doing so saved us tens of thousands of dollars, then earned us that much more. We could cut down on other nutrients, stop using the expensive UV and RO water systems. First, we saw less algae build up when using VermisTerra tea. No algae meant no more powdery mildew problems either. […]