Crazy cluster of eggplants, Marigold bounced back

At the end of the season, Oksana wasn't expecting this eggplant to give anything more. "After adding Vitality at Supercharge rate, it grew a crazy cluster in only 2 weeks! I had an almost dead Marigold. After Vitality application it bounced back the next day and was flowering within a couple of days." - @oxanagymn, Former athlete in Miami, FL

How to Create Living Topsoil Using VermisTerra

You've probably heard the saying: healthy soil means healthy plants. It’s easy to condition your existing soil with vital nutrients in VermisTerra Earthworm Castings. Users report less disease, less pests in the garden while seeing more vigorous growth, more yield and better flavor. Certain types of potting soils need to be replaced over time. When using Vermisterra high quality worm products, you can reuse this topsoil by planting in it again and again. The soil will get better with each...

Best Resources & Tips for Growing a Truly Bountiful Garden

Best Resources & Tips for Growing a Truly Bountiful Garden If you’re looking to get your own garden started, you should know that growing a healthy and productive garden doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to have the right gardening tips and know-how to make sure you have the right setup, along with the right plants and the right routine for taking care of your plants.  If you’re not sure where to begin, these helpful resources will come in...

Astronomical results on Peppers- Snapped out of shock and explosive growth

"I had astronomical results with the worm tea! My peppers produced 4 times more then they normally do! It also helped break the dormancy from my 3 and 4 year old pepper plants. A lot of the time if I plant out my old pepper plants after being indoors for 7 months the shock often times kills them. But the tea helped them snap out of shock and then the growth exploded! Not only did I get a larger...

Soil Microbes & Sustainable Farming: Basics Explained

In 2020, we need sustainable agriculture more than ever. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the gist of it is farming in a way that not only meets the needs of present-day humans but also ensures that future generations will be able to do the same. The way we are treating our planet right now is not really conducive to future generations being able to do much of anything. We’re doing an awful lot of damage to the environment and...

No more white flies

"I have 80 variety of plumeria. Thanks to your product, I had no white flies last year. The year before, I used steer manure which gave me lots of lowers, but also white flies. I  found it impossible to deal with. After I sprayed, they’d be back and there’d be so many problems. I even took all the leaves off the infested plants to protect the others. Last year I started using Vermisterra worm castings with the same steer manure. This...

No more “black rot” in cabbage

Mr. Kang grows cabbage and broccoli in Taiwan. He works with a group of growers who export to Canada. After using the VermisTerra tea, the production and quality of his crucifers improved by a lot. The biggest change was the cabbage no longer had any "black rot" so he was able to export. Mr Kang says this product is worth recommending to everyone.

Cucumbers see improved production and quality

Mr. Ding from Chiayi county, Taiwan uses “non-toxic, safe cultivation management practices" to produce high quality cucumbers. He started testing Vermisterra tea on his main crop. After using VermisTerra tea, Ding saw improved production and quality. As a result, online sales improved plus the business received many 5 star reviews.

Beautiful Morning Glory – more productivity, speed and uniform growth

Mr. Wei grows kongxincai (aka water spinach or morning glory) in Taiwan. "Although the temperature was low recently, it did not harm the growth thanks to VermisTerra tea. The earthworm tea not only activated his soil, but also caused uniform growth, more productivity, and sped up the growth rate. My buyers praised this harvest as “fresh”, “tender” and the appearance as “beautiful”." Mr. Wei highly recommends this product to his good friends. Now Vermisterra tea is the first choice for kongxincai farmers.