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What’s the difference between VermisTerra’s Worm Casting Tea and Vitality?

Vitality vs Earthworm Casting Tea

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VermisTerra Vitality is a concentrate plant superfood, nutrients and minerals. Earthworm Casting Tea is concentrate probiotics and enzymes that protect the plant and condition your soil.

Use together to improve growth and maintain optimum plant health. Build nurturting environment for plants. Both boost fertility, contain beneficial bacteria, fungi, plant hormones. Both improve plant immune response to stress.

Build a strong foundation for your plant health with VermisTerra.

What is VermisTerra Vitality?

  • Earthworm castings extract
  • Balanced Multivitamin – macro nutrients, micronutrients, trace minerals, elements, micro-bacteria and natural plant hormones. 
  • For indoor and outdoor plants
 Natural Superfood
  • You want a boost of new growth
  • Gentle, will not burn plants. Great for orchards, exotic and weak plants
  • Improve seed germination rates
  • Complete seedling nutrient
  • Rehabilitate stressed plants. 
  • A natural rooting hormone for cuttings.
  • Reduces transplant shock.
  • Reduces dampening off (root rot).
  • Higher BRIX, lower pest pressure. 

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What is VermisTerra Vitality?

What is VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea?

  • Fermented extract derived from earthworm castings, and other organic soil amendments. 
  • Beneficial bacteria, enzymes and fungi condition your soil, promote rich fertile soil. 
  • Mostly used outdoors
Soil Enhancer
  • Perks up plants, boosts overall health
  • Improves soil aeration and function. Makes plant food from environment and helps plant absorb efficiently.
  • Helps plant fight soil disease, pest stress, reduces powdery mildew and rust.
  • Corrects soil problems from low organic matter, poor soil, over fertilizing, or hard water.
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Safe fertilizer for Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Safe fertilizer for use in Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Announcing our newest customer: 🌵 The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens. VermisTerra is veterinarian approved for application in the 🦏 black rhino and 🦒 giraffe Savannahs. 🦘 

VermisTerra is natural and safe to use even around critically endangered animals. 🌍 It’s the only plant food applied at the Living Desert.

They’ll be using VermisTerra from propagating in the nursery, all the way to rehabilitating struggling trees. Their goal is to promote healthy grass, bushes and trees grown for wild animals to consume. 

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens has more than 60 conservation projects, spanning 12 countries, to protect endangered species and restore their native lands.

We are so proud to see our powerful yet gentle products used as a foundation for the health of soil, plants and animals. The staff at the zoo are excited to implement the benefits of earthworm castings, worm tea, and Vitality. They will keep photos before and after as well as notes on the changes that they see. Stay tuned for updates!

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Magic Potion, everything produces like crazy

Magic potion, everything produces like crazy

This stuff is the magic potion for the garden!  It improves the health and growth of the plants, and everything produces like crazy.  Because the plants are healthier, there is also less pest pressure, and less plant disease.  The plants set so much fruit and keep producing all season long.  

I love using VermisTerra products in my organic backyard garden.  The worm castings are mixed into all my containers and raised bed soil.  I use the Vitality to fertilize all my seedlings.  I use the worm tea to feed all my garden plants once per week.  It can also be used as a foliar spray.  

Gardening is so much more enjoyable when your plants are doing well.  Worm Tea really is a magic potion!”

-Amber G., NC 

Follow her Gardening Instagram here.


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Build Healthy Soil Foundation with VermisTerra

Build Healthy Soil Foundation with VermisTerra

In the past, we had more issues with insect pests, plant diseases, and stressed plants. Presently, we don’t encounter them to the same extent. Our vegetable and fruit crops, flowers, and other plants are healthier, more productive, and hardier. Most of our lettuce crops last summer did not bolt during the heat waves with temperatures in the 90s and even a few days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! 

We’ve seen increased production in berries, which have been very sweet and flavorful! The flowers in our garden have more blooms and our leafy greens are more prolific and robust! We’ve also had great tomato yields! 

Over the years, we’ve seen improvements in the overall health and structure of our soil using Vermisterra worm casting products. 

In this video, I’m going to share how our soil improved over the years with the regular use of Vermisterra vermicompost or worm castings. 

Before we sow seeds and start planting, the first thing we need to do is build the soil, this is the foundation of a garden. As organic gardeners, we do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides but rely on a healthy ecosystem. 

To build healthy soil, we need to feed the microorganisms. Soil microbes break down organic materials releasing nutrients plants can use to grow and flourish. When we nourish the microbes in the soil, they will feed our plants. In addition, these microbes protect plants against potential pathogens and stresses, both biotic and abiotic. 

In this symbiotic relationship, plants feed the microbes through their roots secreting exudates consisting of sugars, enzymes, organic, and amino acids. 

When we incorporate Vermisterra worm castings and nutrient tea in our soil, we’re not only adding essential nutrients we’re also introducing beneficial microbes including fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and nematodes. 

Vermicompost contains about 50% humus which is porous in nature. Humus is an organic material similar to what you’d find on the forest floor. 

Humus increases soil porosity and retains moisture and nutrients. Worm castings can prevent nutrients from leaching into the water table and flowing into bodies of water. 

Humus also provides homes for beneficial soil microbes while extracting toxins and harmful microorganisms from the soil. Another component of worm castings is humic acid which enhances photosynthesis and improves plant health, resiliency, and immunity. Plant hormones such as auxins, gibberellins, abscisic acid, and enzymes are also found in vermicompost aiding in plant growth and development. 

Another benefit to using worm castings is it allows carbon sequestration. This means atmospheric carbon is captured and stored in the soil reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


When we work with Mother Nature, the soil and plants are healthier. Anyone can achieve a successful and healthy garden, but we need to start with the foundation and build fertile soil which takes time and patience, but the rewards are worth it! 

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Spraying with Vitality reduced aphids and white flies

Spraying Vitality reduced aphid and white fly populations

Build healthy soil by adding the BEST organic material: worm castings. Also known as Vermicompost, it’s worm manure. Full of beneficial microbes, enzymes, fungi to condition your soil. Healthy soil will retain more nutrients and water. This leads to healthier plants with higher BRIX (sugar) rating. Insects are attracted to imbalanced plants, fed with too much nitrogen, and dislike plants with high BRIX numbers.

“Vermisterra products, especially Vitality are incredible supplements for my plants. Did you know worm castings have something called chitinase? Which can help break down exoskeletons of some insects.

I have an aphid problem right now. Spraying Vitality on the plant leaves has helped reduce aphid and white fly populations.

The plants even look healthier too because worm castings add beneficial microbes to the soil. Some serious worm power here.

Vitality is full of micro, macro nutrients, minerals and beneficial microbes for healthy, happy plants!” – Tres @motherofbokchoy


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Healthy Soil is Foundation to a Healthy Thriving Garden

Healthy Soil is the Foundation to a healthy productive garden

Before we sow seeds and plant we need to build the the soil. This is the foundation of a healthy and productive garden. Working with nature takes time, but with patience and determination it’s achievable. Nourishing the soil will help plants with immunity and enhance photosynthesis resulting in vigorous and resilient plants.💚

For the last six years, our garden has remained healthy and productive with regular use of @vermisterra worm casting products! We’ve been using Vitality for almost two years and have had fantastic results! Plant foliage is more abundant and lush. We’ve also seen an increase in blooms and fruits!

Vitality is made from super fine organic worm casting extract. It is an excellent source of nutrients, plant prebiotics, and trace minerals. Worm casting extract has a high bioavailability making it easily absorbed and utilized by plants boosting health and vigor.

Worm castings or vermicompost contain plant hormones that regulate growth. Humic acid is another component of vermicompost a biostimulant which improves soil structure, plant nutrient uptake, and encourage root growth.

Vermicompost is an excellent organic soil amendment for vegetable, flower, and herb gardens, fruit trees, and ornamental plants! Vitality is safe for the environment, wildlife, people, and pets. 💚🌎

Learn more @vermisterra and if you’d like to give it a try, make sure to use code “learntogrow” for a savings of 10% and get free shipping! Thanks for your support!

Happy gardening!💚🌱
Misilla, Learn to Grow

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Carnivorous pitcher plant grew quickly, is thriving with VermisTerra Vitality

Carnivorous pitcher plant grew quickly, is thriving

My carnivorous pitcher plant is thriving after receiving VermisTerra Vitality.

I’ve had them for 4 years and this is the first time I’ve seen them do this well. When I didn’t feed them anything they didn’t grow that much at all.

I added a squirt of Vitality to their water every two weeks. They grew quickly! See before and after photos exactly 4 weeks after. The last photo is after 6 weeks. See the yellow jacket it caught.

They look much healthier after getting essential minerals and beneficial microbes from all natural worm casting product Vitality. “

Healthier Carnivorous plants have better chances to successfully attack or trap prey. Whether it’s by forming vivid flowers, growing their trap, or creating luring odors. Vitality gently provides essential minerals, nutrients and probiotics for beautiful growth for plants that catch their prey.

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Brought My Tomatoes Back with Vitality

Brought Tomatoes Back with Vitality

“Don’t get discouraged, you can still save your dying tomato or pepper plants

I have a variety of tomato plants and most are located at the east end of plot-A where they get mostly morning 🌞 sun and they are still producing

But I have two that are located at the west end of plot-A that mostly get hot 🥵 afternoon 🌞 sun

The sun almost totally destroyed them (see photos A & B)

They produced a boatload of tomatoes 🍅 before the hot weather moved in. We have had almost 15 straight days of over 100 degrees (f) in July

The first thing I did was to trim both plants down from four feet tall to about 18 inches

I also removed all the foliage from the remaining stems

Then I amended my soil medium with a dose of compost

Next, I added a dose of vitality earth worm castings tea twice in a one week span

Take a look at the left hand corner of the photo above. My once dying tomato plant has begun to grow strong and produce new foliage after one week of applying vitality

I also use this concentrated product when growing my seedlings and feeding my plants on a regular schedule

The vitality worm tea provided my tomato plant with the necessary nutrients and hormones to bring it back from the brink of death

I expect the growth to continue and produce a boatload of tomatoes 🍅 before my first expected frost date

This is an amazing product”

– Instagram @home_gardening_with_pete

Home Gardening with Pete

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This Stuff is Gold

This Stuff is Gold

 “This stuff is like gold. It’s unbelievable. It’s like crack for plants. I use it all the time. It got so big overnight. I see the difference overnight with my plants. 

I can’t believe how my plants respond. I have all the products. I water in my plant beds and Smart pots weekly with the tea.

I order the stuff like crazy. Last year I didn’t use as much and now I use it weekly. What a difference. 

It is liquid gold. It’s amazing.”

– Laurie P., Los Angeles CA

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Leaf Miners Gone with VermisTerra Tea

Leaf Miners Gone with VermisTerra Tea

I noticed some leaf miners on  my watermelon leaves so I mixed up some VermisTerra tea and applied it because I knew it worked on the citrus trees before. The result was amazing next day the leaf miners where gone on the watermelon so I did some research this is what I found:

     Worm Castings and VermisTerra tea contain an enzyme called Chitinase.  Leaf miners, aphids, mealy bugs, white fly, ants, spider mites don’t survive with it.  When they start nibbling on the plants or trees and eat the Chitinase it will dissolve their soft skeletal structure and they go away.  Amazing.

     If you look close, you can see where a leaf miner was before it died.  Like you said the egg hatched but didn’t last long after eating a little after being sprayed with worm tea.  It’s amazing. The Vitality is working Great too, have dipped all my plumeria cuttings in it before planting.  They have all rooted.

-Buddy Knowles, Master Gardener in Sky Valley, California