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Safe fertilizer for Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Safe fertilizer for use in Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Announcing our newest customer: 🌵 The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens. VermisTerra is veterinarian approved for application in the 🦏 black rhino and 🦒 giraffe Savannahs. 🦘 

VermisTerra is natural and safe to use even around critically endangered animals. 🌍 It’s the only plant food applied at the Living Desert.

They’ll be using VermisTerra from propagating in the nursery, all the way to rehabilitating struggling trees. Their goal is to promote healthy grass, bushes and trees grown for wild animals to consume. 

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens has more than 60 conservation projects, spanning 12 countries, to protect endangered species and restore their native lands.

We are so proud to see our powerful yet gentle products used as a foundation for the health of soil, plants and animals. The staff at the zoo are excited to implement the benefits of earthworm castings, worm tea, and Vitality. They will keep photos before and after as well as notes on the changes that they see. Stay tuned for updates!