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Magic Potion, everything produces like crazy

Magic potion, everything produces like crazy

This stuff is the magic potion for the garden!  It improves the health and growth of the plants, and everything produces like crazy.  Because the plants are healthier, there is also less pest pressure, and less plant disease.  The plants set so much fruit and keep producing all season long.  

I love using VermisTerra products in my organic backyard garden.  The worm castings are mixed into all my containers and raised bed soil.  I use the Vitality to fertilize all my seedlings.  I use the worm tea to feed all my garden plants once per week.  It can also be used as a foliar spray.  

Gardening is so much more enjoyable when your plants are doing well.  Worm Tea really is a magic potion!”

-Amber G., NC 

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