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Spraying with Vitality reduced aphids and white flies

Spraying Vitality reduced aphid and white fly populations

Build healthy soil by adding the BEST organic material: worm castings. Also known as Vermicompost, it’s worm manure. Full of beneficial microbes, enzymes, fungi to condition your soil. Healthy soil will retain more nutrients and water. This leads to healthier plants with higher BRIX (sugar) rating. Insects are attracted to imbalanced plants, fed with too much nitrogen, and dislike plants with high BRIX numbers.

“Vermisterra products, especially Vitality are incredible supplements for my plants. Did you know worm castings have something called chitinase? Which can help break down exoskeletons of some insects.

I have an aphid problem right now. Spraying Vitality on the plant leaves has helped reduce aphid and white fly populations.

The plants even look healthier too because worm castings add beneficial microbes to the soil. Some serious worm power here.

Vitality is full of micro, macro nutrients, minerals and beneficial microbes for healthy, happy plants!” – Tres @motherofbokchoy