Leaf Miners Gone with VermisTerra Tea

I noticed some leaf miners on  my watermelon leaves so I mixed up some VermisTerra tea and applied it because I knew it worked on the citrus trees before. The result was amazing next day the leaf miners where gone on the watermelon so I did some research this is what I found:

     Worm Castings and VermisTerra tea contain an enzyme called Chitinase.  Leaf miners, aphids, mealy bugs, white fly, ants, spider mites don’t survive with it.  When they start nibbling on the plants or trees and eat the Chitinase it will dissolve their soft skeletal structure and they go away.  Amazing.

     If you look close, you can see where a leaf miner was before it died.  Like you said the egg hatched but didn’t last long after eating a little after being sprayed with worm tea.  It’s amazing. The Vitality is working Great too, have dipped all my plumeria cuttings in it before planting.  They have all rooted.

-Buddy Knowles, Master Gardener in Sky Valley, California