Using VermisTerra for Seed Starts

Gary from The Rusted Garden explains the difference between VermisTerra and other organic soil amendments. He's been testing VermisTerra for 2 years and shares why he likes VermisTerra premium castings compared to other worm castings. He even compares the water weight content in VermisTerra earthworm castings (18%) and another brand (47%).
See his peppers, lettuce, sage, tomatoes, oregano, flowers, mint, grown indoors using VermisTerra aged castings and tea. Don't overfeed seed starts!

The 10lb bag of premium worm castings will make [...]

In hydroponics, VT boosts plants immune system: more resilient to pests and disease

I have been designing, building, and operating indoor hydroponics systems for over 20 years. One of the biggest no-no’s in hydroponics is adding biological agents to your system. They tend to putrefy in the recirculating reservoir and gunk up the watering system components. As someone that believes passionately in organic farming methods being restricted to salt and mineral based fertilizers is one of the big disappointments of using a traditional hydroponic system.

I am constantly searching for ways to add [...]

Amazing how well it works!

Just want to share example of your worm castings. It's amazing how well it works!
The small sick looking romaine is in seed starting mix only and planted March 1st. The nice romaine was planted March 10th and is  in 2 1/2 cups coco coir and 1 cup of worm castings.  The picture is worth thousand words.
I sure am glad I didn't do all in the seed starting mix or I would of gave up.  Thank you for your great product!
- [...]

Healthier Start, Less Pest Issues

" I have been using their worm casting and worm tea products for most of 2017 and I will be continuing to use this as part of my gardening routine going into 2018. I have followed a lot of gardening advice and also learned from trial and error and found out that worm castings and worm tea provide consistent and safe way for plants to get nutrients. While there are other ways to boost your plant's growth I prefer [...]

Cucumbers Stay Fresh For 30 Days

"I'm a consultant for a cucumber greenhouse. We switched from chemical nutrients to VermisTerra to get into the organic market. We used both the worm castings and their tea. Doing so saved us tens of thousands of dollars, then earned us that much more. We could cut down on other nutrients, stop using the expensive UV and RO water systems. First, we saw less algae build up when using VermisTerra tea. No algae meant no more powdery mildew problems either. [...]

Helped With Unseasonably Cool May

“My beautiful fiance, is the one who thought of using your tea. She is a super big fan of CaliKim's channel. We used VermisTerra worm casting compost tea to water the whole garden with. It's all natural and it's just liquid warm poo essentially. It is great for gardens and doesn't have all those man made chemicals that you worry about later. We did a few waterings early on to help out during the unseasonably cool May that we [...]

Tomato Comparison – Significant Difference Between Chemical vs VermisTerra

"I have been using worm castings and worm casting tea in my garden this year. I like to see how new products work with my vegetable plants before I talk about them. I am greatly impressed so far... Not all worm castings and teas are the same. Their products are certified organic and they manage their products from worms to packaging. Their products are 100% theirs and they love what they do. Two qualities I look for when I work [...]

Amazed! Best Cannabis Grow Yet

I have seen guaranteed positive results since using the earthworm castings tea from VermisTerra on my cannabis outdoor crop. Don't want to exaggerate, but I'm talking a growth rate at about a half inch a day for some plants.  If you've ever seen any before and after pictures of a skinny person before they started lifting weights, that's what I would compare it to.
It does everything that was missing in my previous grows. I've been able to use minimal nutes [...]

Cannabis Consultant – Spider Mite + Root Rot Problems Solved

I’ve been a cannabis growing consultant in California for 10 years and help new growers start up and find solutions for problems. We test all kinds of fertilizers and soil amendments to get our flowers to grow as big and fast as possible.
At first I thought their natural fertilizer was expensive compared to other material I used. I did have some spider mite infestations and sometimes saw root rot. After using VermisTerra’s grow media (castings mixed with coco-coir), we [...]

Producing more than I can deal with

I am SHOCKED at the results.  I am floored at my plants and their production now!
I planted a new crop of strawberries this year and didn’t expect much of a yield. About 3-4 week after adding the application of VermisTerra tea they are producing more than I can deal with.  It’s not only strawberries but peppers, tomatoes, house plants, flowers!  Some of these crops were in mediocre soil at best and I knew this.
My herb seedlings are thriving mostly [...]