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Using VermisTerra for Seed Starts

Gary from The Rusted Garden explains the difference between VermisTerra and other organic soil amendments. He’s been testing VermisTerra for 2 years and shares why he likes VermisTerra premium castings compared to other worm castings. He even compares the water weight content in VermisTerra earthworm castings (18%) and another brand (47%).

See his peppers, lettuce, sage, tomatoes, oregano, flowers, mint, grown indoors using VermisTerra aged castings and tea. Don’t overfeed seed starts!



The 10lb bag of premium worm castings will make over 120 quarts of seed starting mix, using the 1/2 cup (3.7 ounces) of castings to 3 quarts of starting mix. That is about 30 gallons of mix. The worm casting teas are concentrates that can be stored in the home, once open.

32 ounces of concentrate will make 10-16 gallons of worm casting tea based on using 2-3 ounces per gallon. A gallon container (128 ounces) of concentrate will make 40-64 gallons.


You can find VermisTerra worm castings and tea here on their site: Use my code THERUSTEDGARDEN to save money on all your purchases. You can also find VermisTerra products on Amazon. Look for discounts and free shipping. Here is Gary’s link to VermisTerra worm casting products:

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In hydroponics, VT boosts plants immune system: more resilient to pests and disease

I have been designing, building, and operating indoor hydroponics systems for over 20 years. One of the biggest no-no’s in hydroponics is adding biological agents to your system. They tend to putrefy in the recirculating reservoir and gunk up the watering system components. As someone that believes passionately in organic farming methods being restricted to salt and mineral based fertilizers is one of the big disappointments of using a traditional hydroponic system.

I am constantly searching for ways to add biology to my Hydroponics system. Vermisterra products are some of the first organic matter fertilizer products that I have been able to successfully integrate into my nutrient regimen.

I began by adding their Worm Tea in a 1:10 ratio in my recirculating reservoirs and they stay fresh with no biological growth or putrefaction for over 2 weeks. I then started using their Coco and Worm Casting Grow Media in my custom soil-less blend. I feel that these products work in tandem extremely well.

The other drawback of hydroponics is that you are basically keeping all of your plants on life support. They are grown in an inert medium and fed a synthetic diet. I believe by integrating Vermisterra’s products into our growing regimen we have boosted the plants immune system. Making them more resilient to pests and disease as well as the stresses inherent with simulated atmospheric conditions.

Cody Henderson,

Chief Agricultural Officer for Smoke Tree Group and Palm Springs Safe Access

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Amazing how well it works!

Just want to share example of your worm castings. It’s amazing how well it works!

The small sick looking romaine is in seed starting mix only and planted March 1st. The nice romaine was planted March 10th and is  in 2 1/2 cups coco coir and 1 cup of worm castings.  The picture is worth thousand words.

I sure am glad I didn’t do all in the seed starting mix or I would of gave up.  Thank you for your great product!

– David, Havana IL
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Healthier Start, Less Pest Issues

” I have been using their worm casting and worm tea products for most of 2017 and I will be continuing to use this as part of my gardening routine going into 2018. I have followed a lot of gardening advice and also learned from trial and error and found out that worm castings and worm tea provide consistent and safe way for plants to get nutrients. While there are other ways to boost your plant’s growth I prefer the steady and healthy results I get from Vermis Terra products.

My new tomato seedlings started off to a healthier start and as the plants grew I had less pest or damage issues that I have had in the past. I use worm castings in the seedling mix and when I transplant. Then I switch to the worm tea as the plants grow. Don’t expect fast growth but do expect healther looking plants. With the worm tea products you may see the plants get an instant pick me up.

I use worm tea in the watering process but you can foliar spray as well, which I have done a few times. You don’t need to worry about how much to apply to your plants. The 2 10lb bags should be enough for one season unless you are a busy gardener with many containers and repotting and transplanting. I have bought the bulk size of worm tea and it is taking a long time to use up. The regular bottles in this Bundle are enough, and again, I don’t really measure the amount, I just pour a couple of caps into a large watering can or in a foliar spray.

This product also won’t do any harm to your plants if you are mixing in compost or other fertilizers. The customer service from Vermis Terra is top notch and I have received hand written notes from Mindy herself. Thanks!”

– E. Gonzalez

Amazon Customer, 5 Star Review

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Cucumbers Stay Fresh For 30 Days

“I’m a consultant for a cucumber greenhouse. We switched from chemical nutrients to VermisTerra to get into the organic market. We used both the worm castings and their tea. Doing so saved us tens of thousands of dollars, then earned us that much more. We could cut down on other nutrients, stop using the expensive UV and RO water systems. First, we saw less algae build up when using VermisTerra tea. No algae meant no more powdery mildew problems either. An unexpected effect was the increased size and increased shelf life of our cucumbers. Usually we have to sell the cucumbers within a week otherwise they go bad. The ones grown using VermisTerra could last for thirty days. We could ship them to other states. Even better, the taste was better. Retailers told us customers came back specifically for our brand because they enjoyed the flavor. This photo shows a conventional hydroponic competitor’s cucumbers compared to our organic VermisTerra grown cucumbers. I highly recommend my clients to use VermisTerra.” — Chris T., Arizona

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Helped With Unseasonably Cool May

“My beautiful fiance, is the one who thought of using your tea. She is a super big fan of CaliKim’s channel. We used VermisTerra worm casting compost tea to water the whole garden with. It’s all natural and it’s just liquid warm poo essentially. It is great for gardens and doesn’t have all those man made chemicals that you worry about later. We did a few waterings early on to help out during the unseasonably cool May that we had in PA this year. Thanks again VermisTerra! ” – Mike & Angela of  Brunosbasement Homestead, Easton, Pennsylvania


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Tomato Comparison – Significant Difference Between Chemical vs VermisTerra

“I have been using worm castings and worm casting tea in my garden this year. I like to see how new products work with my vegetable plants before I talk about them. I am greatly impressed so far… Not all worm castings and teas are the same. Their products are certified organic and they manage their products from worms to packaging. Their products are 100% theirs and they love what they do. Two qualities I look for when I work with companies. The third, a great product.

Worm castings are literally the end product of worm composting. Worms, as they have been doing for millions of years, eat and digest organic matter. Their castings are the perfect organic fertilizer that acts, as both, a slow release and immediate release fertilizer. They add so much more to your soil than just the big three, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The video and pictures are from my garden as of today. Look at the difference with the tomato’s leaves, color and resistance to the disease issue that is going on. As mentioned, I am impressed.

Problematic Chemically Fertilized Tomato Plant
Worm casting and teas are packed full on beneficial bacteria and microbes that Nature meant to be in your garden soil. Worm castings are odorless and it will not attract cats or wild animals to your garden like other organic fertilizers. Other organic fertilizers contain fish, bone and blood meals and other ingredients in raw form. These ingredients have not been broken down into a usable form of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that your plants can use immediately. They have to be broken down by soil life to become available to your plants. This takes time. Worm castings have already gone through that process.
Deeper Green, Healthier Worm Casting and Worm Tea Fertilized Tomato Plant
Many organic fertilizer often give off odors, as they are broken down, that can attract unwanted visitors. Animals smell a potential meal. There is a good chance your fish emulsion, bone meals and blood meals attract animals to your garden, They also feed bad fungi and bacteria that can contribute to plant diseases and they attract insects. VermisTerra worm castings are fully composted. Their worm castings sit and age for 7 to 10 years to ensure the process is completed. There is no ‘food’ left for the unwanted and castings don’t have an odor but for the sweet light smell of forest soil.
I just wanted provide some introductory information about Worm Castings and Worm Tea. I will be doing several videos and blog posts on the products and how I use them in my garden. If you want to try them in your garden, I recommend buying them from VermisTerra. You can enter this coupon code: therustedgarden and save 10% on your purchase. A little of their products go a very long way.
This video summarizes the initial benefits I am seeing. I compare two like variety tomatoes and you can actually see the benefits of Vermisterra worm casting and tea on the tomato plant compared to a tomato that received chemical fertilizers. A very significant difference.”
 – Gary Pilarchik, The Rusted Garden
Watch The Rusted Garden’s video Here.
Read his blog entry Here.
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Amazed! Best Cannabis Grow Yet

I have seen guaranteed positive results since using the earthworm castings tea from VermisTerra on my cannabis outdoor crop. Don’t want to exaggerate, but I’m talking a growth rate at about a half inch a day for some plants.  If you’ve ever seen any before and after pictures of a skinny person before they started lifting weights, that’s what I would compare it to.

It does everything that was missing in my previous grows. I’ve been able to use minimal nutes and am getting better than average results.  I’ve been growing for years and I’m telling you this is my best grow yet.

I threw castings on all the growing areas. I also converted to a simple all in dry nutrient a week and been using the VermisTerra tea for other waterings. The tea has reduced the need for multiple combinations of grow and bloom formulas in my garden, and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple recipe for cultivation success.

– KB Morgan, Valuable Productions CEO


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Cannabis Consultant – Spider Mite + Root Rot Problems Solved

I’ve been a cannabis growing consultant in California for 10 years and help new growers start up and find solutions for problems. We test all kinds of fertilizers and soil amendments to get our flowers to grow as big and fast as possible.

At first I thought their natural fertilizer was expensive compared to other material I used. I did have some spider mite infestations and sometimes saw root rot. After using VermisTerra’s grow media (castings mixed with coco-coir), we didn’t see any more spider mites! This saved us so much time and made the daily routine much easier.

Then we started using their nutrient microbe tea and saw a huge difference! The leaves are darker green, we used to see root rot but not anymore. The plants are very healthy, with no more bug infestations. We are seeing more yield and profits with less headaches and less time wasted, so now we can focus on expanding.

– Mr. J, Cannabis Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

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Producing more than I can deal with

I am SHOCKED at the results.  I am floored at my plants and their production now!

I planted a new crop of strawberries this year and didn’t expect much of a yield. About 3-4 week after adding the application of VermisTerra tea they are producing more than I can deal with.  It’s not only strawberries but peppers, tomatoes, house plants, flowers!  Some of these crops were in mediocre soil at best and I knew this.

My herb seedlings are thriving mostly because of your amazing products. I have ZERO dampening off problems and in general they’re SO healthy! They are still in a seedling mix, castings and tea only.

I’ve tried a dozen different kinds of worm castings, and I like yours the best! I will use your products on my family farm and will get the surrounding crop farmers to try it!

— Casey, Botanical Extraction Professional, WA