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Vermisterra Tea saves family Royal Poinciana tree

VermisTerra Tea rescues family Royal Poinciana tree

Mr. Hsieh wanted to save a dying Flame Tree (Royal Poinciana) growing outside the home he grew up in Taiwan. The old tree was diseased, not growing leaves, and drying up.

This tree was special to him. His grandfather planted it 70 – 80 years ago. So he really did not want to lose it. A tree expert quoted him $7,000 USD to change out the soil around the tree, and pump nutrients around it. 

He decided to try using VermisTerra tea starting April 6, 2019 (see first row of Before photos). He would give the tree a little tea when watering it. After 10 days he started to see new growth. By August 14, 2019, it was full of green growth, like a new tree (see 2nd row of After photos).