Papaya Tree Produces Triple Amount

My papaya tree usually gives off 10-20 fruits. I usually lose a few to frost. This year my grandson gave me VermisTerra Tea so I used it. Now that one tree has over 60 papayas growing on it. It was also healthy enough to survive a few days of temperatures in the high 30s with no lost fruit! Let me tell you, they are the sweetest papayas that I’ve tasted.  – Carlos Galeazzi, San Gabriel CA


Hay Grows in Drought, Survives Frost, and Stays Green

“I have been a cattle rancher in California for 20yrs. 3rd generation cattle ranchers are rare. Even more rare are believers in new products that live up to their billing. One such product that I give full endorsement to is the VermisTerra by JL Organics worm tea. We grew a pasture mix for 10yrs to augment the cattle during the drought yrs. For the last three of those years I used the wormtea exclusively. Ask anyone living in the […]

More Crop and Early Harvest For Peaches

After using VermisTerra Tea, we got our peach harvest earlier than all the other farms, which means more money at the market. We sprayed the tea onto berm and let the rain water it in. My father and I water from opposite rows, and we ran out on one row in the middle. That one row was two feet shorter than the other trees. Another farmer grew the same stock, same variety, planted on the same day, and harvested the […]

Mango Increased Size and Tonnage

My friend’s mango farm saw both size and tonnage increase after using VermisTerra tea. They went from using 12 different fertilizers to just this one. They’ve been using the earthworm casting tea since 2010 to today. Their organically grown mangos are sold at Wholefoods Market.”

— Phil Oertly, Indio CA

Citrus Trees Recover from Phytophthora, Increase Production

My 20 acres of grapefruit and lemon were struggling with Phytophthora and HLB disease. We lost 20% of the grove, and another 20% were infected. When we started using VermisTerra earthworm castings tea, within a year we saw a reversal of decline of the tree. Within a year and a half, the trees made a comeback. We didn’t lose another tree after that and in fact increased production of all the trees in the grove. I recommend my childhood friend to use the VermisTerra […]

Organic Blueberry Co Test Finds 20% Increased Tonnage

A well known organic blueberry company experimented by giving VermisTerra tea to some bushes and none to a control group. They saw increased tonnage of 20% on the trees that received VermisTerra tea, even after deciding to apply late in the season. Lab results at the end revealed that beneficial fungi and bacteria counts were high.
— Tom Dumble, Calamet MI