More Crop and Early Harvest For Peaches

After using VermisTerra Tea, we got our peach harvest earlier than all the other farms, which means more money at the market. We sprayed the tea onto berm and let the rain water it in. My father and I water from opposite rows, and we ran out on one row in the middle. That one row was two feet shorter than the other trees. Another farmer grew the same stock, same variety, planted on the same day, and harvested the...

Mango Increased Size and Tonnage

My friend’s mango farm saw both size and tonnage increase after using VermisTerra tea. They went from using 12 different fertilizers to just this one. They’ve been using the earthworm casting tea since 2010 to today. Their organically grown mangos are sold at Wholefoods Market.” -- Phil Oertly, Indio CA

Citrus Trees Recover from Phytophthora, Increase Production

My 20 acres of grapefruit and lemon were struggling with Phytophthora and HLB disease. We lost 20% of the grove, and another 20% were infected. When we started using VermisTerra earthworm castings tea, within a year we saw a reversal of decline of the tree. Within a year and a half, the trees made a comeback. We didn't lose another tree after that and in fact increased production of all the trees in the grove. I recommend my childhood friend to use the VermisTerra...

Organic Blueberry Co Test Finds 20% Increased Tonnage

A well known organic blueberry company experimented by giving VermisTerra tea to some bushes and none to a control group. They saw increased tonnage of 20% on the trees that received VermisTerra tea, even after deciding to apply late in the season. Lab results at the end revealed that beneficial fungi and bacteria counts were high. — Tom Dumble, Calamet MI

Blueberrie’s Recover From Fusicoccum Cankers

Bob’s blueberry orchard was struggling with the three diseases: Fusicoccum fungus, Phytophthora, and Baccilim. Using VermisTerra Tea helped his trees seal over the black spores. A new layer of skin grew over the open wound. He noticed the leaves were shinier from 200 feet away, the controls were dull. Now many new buds are growing. He is so pleased because his trees have never looked so green and healthy. -- Bob Brady, Calumet MI Watch his video testimony Here.

Olive Trees Survive Disease, Increase in Oil Produced

A Bakersfield olive orchard struggled with soil borne disease. The young plants were infected from the nursery and the disease spread thru the orchard. In the first year, Bacillium disease affected the young plants and he lost 15-20%. After using Vermisterra Worm castings on all 40 acres, only one died and the rest survived. He found that the harvest was the same, but the trees that received VermisTerra tea produced more oil per pound of olives! - - Peter Viss, Bakersfield

Vermisterra Supports CCOF

Vermisterra is proud to be a CCOF business partner since 2016. We support and promote organic through certification, education, and advocacy. Buying organic is a direct investment in the future of our planet, so they work to grow the organic market by educating consumers about this important relationship to our food. Vermisterra tests each batch of worm castings and nutrient tea for heavy metals. Our castings are also tested for E. Coli and Salmonella- to ensure that we are always pathogen free! We...

Vermisterra Worm Castings: Standard and Premium Grades

Due to popular demand, Vermisterra released a Standard castings to offer customers two grades of organic worm castings to choose from. What's the difference? The Premium castings are more fine and pure, ideal for indoor gardening, micro greens, and seed starting. The Standard castings are great for outdoor gardening fruit trees, vegetables and raised beds. Vermisterra earthworm castings have so many benefits! They improve soil structure, fertility, are rich in beneficial bacteria and microbes, regulate plant nutrients for immediate absorption and support against...

CaliKim Explains – What is Vermisterra Tea, How to Use

We are so happy that our partner CaliKim tested Vermisterra worm castings and tea in her garden and absolutely loves it. Read her full article and view her gorgeous photos in high resolution HERE. Below is a repost direct from CaliKim's Garden and Home Blog:   Welcome back to the “Feeding Your Garden” blog series.  One of the keys to a healthy, productive garden is to feed your plants and garden soil powerful, organic nutrients on a regular basis. In the last post, we learned what a powerful...

Video on How to Use VermisTerra Earthworm Tea

Vermisterra Earthworm Tea is one of the most powerful products on the JL Organics line. The nutrient tea is a microbial solution which contains dormant beneficial bacteria and fungi suspended. Once you add water and water using a watering can or irrigation line, the living microbes get to work in your soil. Vermisterra can condition soil, improve soil structure, help with aeration, and work with your living soil to protect your plant's root system and aid in nutrient absorption. Many customers report increased...