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Urban Farmer and Agronomist Discuss VermisTerra Its Effects

Jamil Burns, urban farmer and owner of Raised Roots interviews agronomist and nut tree expert, Peter Viss. They discuss VermisTerra products and their relationship with compost, disease, BT, bioremediation, mycorrhizae, spider mites, white flies, flavor in fruit, and fumigation.

Filmed at the Farm Expo, Tulare California, Feb 2019.


0:25 How can VermisTerra help with verticillium wilt?

3:45 What’s the difference between using BT vs VermisTerra?

6:30 What’s the difference between using VermisTerra tea vs a single species for bioremediation?

9:58 Will VermisTerra tea compete with organisms in the soil food web?

12:10 Will VermisTerra tea effect mycorrhizae?

14:08 Is adding compost the right solution to increasing organic matter?

17:20 Why must some farms keep adding 6” of compost to avoid pests or disease?

18:34 Can you explain how VermisTerra tea and castings affect insects like spider mites and white flies?

20:30 Will VermisTerra tea and castings give me larger fruit? Or more flavorful fruit?

25:00 Can worm castings be used in animal feed?

25:47 Tell us about background and when you found out biology is the answer?

30:15 Can this reduce the need to fumigate strawberries?

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