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Agronomist Discusses Benefits of VermisTerra Aged Earthworm Castings and Tea

This year VermisTerra attended the World AG Expo in Tulare and passed out samples and information about our aged castings, worm tea and hydrospiral tubes. If you love VermisTerra and wonder about the science behind how it works, this is the video that explains it. If you are just learning about VermisTerra, learn more about what we’re doing differently.

Agronomist and Nut Tree Expert, Peter Viss shares his knowledge about VermisTerra aged earthworm castings, tea and how what sets them apart.


Filmed over three days at the 2019 Tulare World AG Expo.

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Day 1

1:38 How did you learn about VermisTerra? More about bacteria in the worm gut

6:55 A Framework for understand the benefits he’s observed with growers

19:42 Does VermisTerra help with plant disease?

26:00 What’s the difference between VermisTerra castings and tea? What’s the recommended usage?

35:44 How have VermisTerra castings and tea helped farmers you know?


Day 2

42:00 Is VermisTerra friendly for the environment?

47:00 Can you use VermisTerra with other fertilizers?

49:00 Does VermisTerra contain humic acid and calcium?

52:00 If VermisTerra is so great, why haven’t more people heard of it?


Day 3

56:00 What’s the return on investment (ROI)? Give us examples of its value

1:00:00 How long should I continue using VermisTerra?

1:05:00 Can you explain compost vs. earthworm castings?