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Worm Castings and Coco Coir Mix, A Great seed starter and veggies

Here’s a helpful post by Home Gardening with Pete. We couldn’t agree more with the benefits of starting seeds in a coco coir and worm castings soilless mix!

✅ I found that the non-soil option is especially great when growing veggies in containers or seed starter trays
✅ this past season I used only coconut coir, worm casting and a dose of organic fertilizer as a soil growing medium to grow several varieties of veggies. (Swipe photos to view examples)
✅ all I did was to add a mixture of 75 percent coconut coir, 25 percent worm ? castings and a small dose of organic fertilizer
✅ starting seeds in a soil-free medium provides the seeds with moisture necessary for germination without the risk of fungal growth or diseases that maybe transferred through regular garden soil, compost or potting soil
✅ using the soil free planting medium helps to build healthier plants without the threat of fungal spores, bacteria, nematodes, insects and weeds
✅ the combination of coconut coir and worm ? castings as a growing medium provides your plants with:
?a cleaner growing medium
? great for indoor and outdoor containers
?great for starting your seedlings in seed starter trays
?better drainage
?better overall water and nutrient retention
?soil-less mix is much lighter than soil (easy to relocate containers when required)
✅ this soil-less medium does not require dirty hands
✅ coconut coir is a great replacement for peat moss
✅ worm ? casting is becoming a go to supplement /fertilizer when you want to provide your veggies with the necessary growth hormones and nutrients
✅ this soil-free method is super great for house ? plants
✅ to amend for the next growing season, just mix in a dose of organic fertilizer and a dose of worm castings

Special Note: The bottom line is that you can grow healthier and more productive veggies without using garden soil, compost, perlite or potting soil. And if you do not have any worm castings or coconut coir, order using code-“homegardenwithpete” for a 10 percent discount.