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Vitality liquid concentrated worm castings – super food for veggies

Vitality- Liquid Concentrated Worm Castings – A super food for my veggies

This season I found this great liquid worm castings solution and wanted to share the results with my followers

(1) Vitality is a micronized worm ? castings extract liquid form. It is more pure than premium worm ? castings (more bacteria and fungi value)
(2) odor free (all natural), safe for pets, kids and pollinators
(3) all the benefits of worm ? castings in a liquid concentrated form and a little goes a long way
(does not expire even after diluting)
(4) after applying to my soil medium, my strawberry ? plants grew faster and healthier (see top photo #1)
(5) after adding to my seed starter mix, my seedlings germinated faster and were more healthier (see photo #3)
(6) after my green pepper ? plant was about 3 feet tall, I started feeding it with Vitality on a bi-weekly schedule and now it is almost 6 feet tall and still very productive (see photo #4)
(7) I applied to several of my shrubs and saw quicker new growth in about three weeks (see photo #5)
(8) my okra plants are now over 7 feet tall and still producing after just one feeding of vitality solution (see photo #6)
(9) after adding vitality to my soil medium a few weeks before transplanting my yellow bell pepper seedlings, all of my yellow bell pepper plants are super productive and continues to flower (see photo #7)
(10) I found it to be very beneficial when applying to my flowers and cabbage ? plants (see photos #8 & 9)

✅ followers, if you like adding worm ? castings to your soil medium, then you will love worm castings in this liquid concentrated form. The overall growth , health and production after using Vitality was amazing!

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