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The Best Year – Healthier Vines, Less Pests, 26 BRIX

Dennis Erickson, owner of Erickson’s Vines, Fallbrook CA tells us about the changes to his vineyard after applying VermisTerra tea and castings. He no longer finds any “red blotch” leaves, much healthier appearance, there are less pests problems, one vine produced grapes for the first time in 5 years, and 26 BRIX quality wine grapes. The winery are very pleased with his grapes.


Watch: Erickson’s Vines (Part 1) The Best Year – Healthier Vines, Less Pests, 26 BRIX

Uncle Steve talks to Dennis about lab numbers vs organic numbers, letting nature work by building up the organic matter and healthy soil. He compares what it was like growing crops using chemicals vulnerable to disease and ground pests versus growing after discovering worm castings. He saw longer shelf life on his vegetables, and release salt in the soil. Uncle Steve suggests using VermisTerra with less fertilizers.

Carmen Gispert Phd and viticulture advisor visits the vineyard to hear about Dennis’ results and the possibility of setting up trials and research.

BRIX – A measure of the amount of sugar in the juice of wine grapes. Grapes with 26 BRIX would yield dry wine with 14.5% alcohol, which is a typical alcohol percentage in good California wine.