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Winery “the best grapes we had all year”

“Last year was super tough because we didn’t have much of a winter. So things started to bud out in February and we even got a little late frost. So it was pretty tough, most of my vineyard’s production was way down. 

These two guys (Joe and Dennis) who were using VermisTerra tea, they were right where they were last year and the fruit was Awesome. They were beautiful. 

It wasn’t just me and my employees. We were processing it and they went thru the crusher, de-stemmer, and they said ‘This is the prettiest stuff we’ve seen so far’. And it was. It was the best stuff we had all year. Better than my stuff. I think definitely the worm tea has something to do with it. I’ve actually started doing some foliar spray with it this year.”

-Matt Sherman, Owner/Wine Maker, Myrtle Creek Vineyards

Testimony and Interview Video here