Increased Almond Tonnage

Two brothers in Bakersfield each had their own almond orchard, across the road from each other. They competed in almond production. When one started using Vermisterra Earthworm Casting tea, the other laughed until he saw the results of increased yield. Now they both use Vermisterra products.  -- Peter Viss, Bakersfield CA

UC Riverside Study – VermisTerra Tea helps suppress root knot nematodes

University of California, Riverside PhD student performed and documented tests on tomato plants infested with root knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita). She found that plants receiving VermisTerra Tea (vermicompost tea) could suppress root knot nematodes. They also had more leaves, greater dry weight, more vegetative and fruiting branches, and significant increase in fruit number and fruit size compared to controls. See test results Here.

Vermisterra Mentioned on DC Network and MassRoots

Vermisterra is gaining traction! DC Network posted a blurb and photos of our worm casting nutrient tea samples on their Instagram and the MassRoots Channel. Check it out here! Direct Cannabis Network said, "Vermisterra. They offer top quality organic fertilizer. Vermisterra Earthworm Castings and Earthworm Casting Tea are the ideal soil amendment for Cannabis gardens, greenhouses, or organic farms. Vermisterra products are purely natural, free of odor and safe and easy to use." Vermisterra earthworm nutrient tea mentioned on DC Network...

Farmer’s Appreciation Day and Visiting Derby Orchard

Uncle Steve and Mindy went on a road trip to Yuba City, a big agricultural area near Sacramento. We had a great time sharing the benefits of earthworm castings and worm casting tea. We met with almond, peach, prune, and walnut farmers at the Farmer's Appreciation Lunch. Attorneys, council members, and farmers checked out tractors, solar panels and organic soil!  We ate some amazing Indian food and American BBQ!   Then we ended the day with a tour of Derby Orchard to see...

Vermicompost Wards Off Crop Pests

Worm castings are an effective way to repel white flies, aphids and spider mites and any pest that feeds on plant juices. According to recent studies, applying earthworm castings to the soil around your plants increases the production of a certain enzyme chitinase. This enzyme is a degrader of chitin, the substance that comprises the exo-skeletons of most insects. When used properly, worm casting acts as a natural insect repellant. If a bug feeds on the leaves of a...