Benefits of Organic Gardening

Growing organically has many benefits in a wide range of areas. It is ecologically friendly and less harmful to the environment than conventional farming methods. Crops grown organically produce comparable yields to those grown synthetically but are higher quality. Organic farming also brings economic benefits, bringing in more money per crop. Among the benefits of going green is the knowledge that you are choosing a sustainable method of farming and living.
Organic farming is ecologically friendly in many ways. It [...]

What NPK Levels in Worm Castings? What Are the Benefits?

Every gardener that's growing organic has heard about manure. It's mother earth's natural fertilizer; part of the cycle of life. One of the most powerful manures in the world comes from earthworms! Before mankind starting playing in labs, nature knew the best way to feed her plants.
N-P-K stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Three important compounds that are necessary for plant growth. Nitrogen helps plants grow rapidly, produce more seeds and fruit, and improve leaf quality. Phosphorus assists in [...]

Effect of Vermicompost Tea on suppression of root knot nematodes

JL Organics was happy to work with students from University of California in an agricultural study. UC Riverside PhD student Abira S. performed and documented tests on tomato plants with root knot nematode (meloidogyne incognita) infestations to see how they responded to Vermisterra.Sounds gnarly right? Abira found that using Vermisterra tea (labeled vermicompost tea in his study) suppressed root knot nematodes. Plants that received the worm casting tea also had more leaves, greater dry weight, more vegetative and fruiting branches, and significant [...]