Benefits of Organic Gardening

Growing organically has many benefits in a wide range of areas. It is ecologically friendly and less harmful to the environment than conventional farming methods. Crops grown organically produce comparable yields to those grown synthetically but are higher quality. Organic farming also brings economic benefits, bringing in more money per crop. Among the benefits of going green is the knowledge that you are choosing a sustainable method of farming and living.

Organic farming is ecologically friendly in many ways. It promotes biodiversity both above and below ground. This diversity helps in biological control of pests and increases pollination by insects. An added benefit of this is the lack of pesticides necessary for green farming. Without the introduction of pesticides, organic farmers don’t need to worry about possible contaminations. Along with this, they greatly reduce adverse environmental effects brought about by excess runoff of chemicals into the ground and rivers. Organic farmers see higher soil organic matter and nitrogen in their soil and conservation of soil moisture and water resources, which is especially advantageous for the environment during a drought.

Customers are demanding organic fruit and vegetables now that consumers are more aware of the possible pesticides and toxins on their food. Many consumers say organic food tastes better.  Organic fruits and vegetables do not contain as many toxic additives and boast 19 to 69 percent more antioxidants than conventional fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits, vegetables, and grains have several measureable nutritional benefits over conventional crops. Without pesticides to guard against harm, an organically farmed plant will produce more of its own compounds, called antioxidants, to fight damage. And when consumed by humans, these antioxidants also protect our bodies from harm.

The benefits of organic farming touch on all aspects of living.  Among the benefits are more nutrients per serving which benefits those eating organic, and sustainable farming  preserves Earth and her natural balance, making it possible to eat and live healthy for generations to come.

Organic grapes ripening on a vine

Organic grapes ripening on a vine