Producing more than I can deal with

I am SHOCKED at the results.  I am floored at my plants and their production now!

I planted a new crop of strawberries this year and didn’t expect much of a yield. About 3-4 week after adding the application of VermisTerra tea they are producing more than I can deal with.  It’s not only strawberries but peppers, tomatoes, house plants, flowers!  Some of these crops were in mediocre soil at best and I knew this.

My herb seedlings are thriving mostly because of your amazing products. I have ZERO dampening off problems and in general they’re SO healthy! They are still in a seedling mix, castings and tea only.

I’ve tried a dozen different kinds of worm castings, and I like yours the best! I will use your products on my family farm and will get the surrounding crop farmers to try it!

— Casey, Botanical Extraction Professional, WA