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Cannabis Consultant – Spider Mite + Root Rot Problems Solved

I’ve been a cannabis growing consultant in California for 10 years and help new growers start up and find solutions for problems. We test all kinds of fertilizers and soil amendments to get our flowers to grow as big and fast as possible.

At first I thought their natural fertilizer was expensive compared to other material I used. I did have some spider mite infestations and sometimes saw root rot. After using VermisTerra’s grow media (castings mixed with coco-coir), we didn’t see any more spider mites! This saved us so much time and made the daily routine much easier.

Then we started using their nutrient microbe tea and saw a huge difference! The leaves are darker green, we used to see root rot but not anymore. The plants are very healthy, with no more bug infestations. We are seeing more yield and profits with less headaches and less time wasted, so now we can focus on expanding.

– Mr. J, Cannabis Consultant, Los Angeles, CA