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From no fruit to hundreds. That stuff is magic!

We love the VermisTerra worm tea so much!! We couldn’t get avocados from the tree in the past. For our first time, WE HAVE AVOCADOS!! There’re hundreds of them! They’re tiny but everywhere.

We have so many pears blooming. Soon we’ll have big enough fruit to eat and are so excited about it!  The lime tree did nothing last year and it has blossoms now, the plum tree is twiggy but blossoming, the avocado tree has hundreds of blossoms, even the lemon trees have buds.

The wind really shook up our lemon tree. It was just one twig because the wind knocked all the leaves off. My mom watered it with tea and two days later it had leaves, and two days after that it grew the flowers. My mom put some on the herbs too and that’s gotten taller. She was so excited about it, she ordered another gallon of it. It’s very exciting. I can only imagine what next years will look like.

It’s brought back one of our peppers that we thought was for sure done with but it’s growing again. That stuff is magic!  — Victoria Garcia, Rancho Cucamonga CA