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Superior Product… Very Impressed With Their Quality

“One of the best fertilizers for organic gardens is worm castings. I use this if I don’t have a great source of compost for my garden… One of my favorite things about worm castings is they contain millions of soil microbes that can increase the population in your garden.

JL Organics is a family run business. It was started in 2002 and is located in Thermal CA. Their products are certified organic and they work with farms to help them switch from chemical farming to organic farming. They help farmers treat sick plants naturally and they also help gardeners to have organic gardens.

Their VermisTerra worm castings are aged 7-10 years and make sure all the undigested compost is broken down. That is really amazing, that they will take 7-10 years to make a very superior product. So we’ve been testing their castings and their teas right here on the farm, and we are very impressed with their quality. So if you don’t have a good source of compost, then I highly recommend that you get some of the VermisTerra worm castings to feed your soil microbes.”

– Lynn Gillespie, The Living Farm, Colorado (quotes from High Performance Garden Show Year 2, week 7)


Lynn invites you to come visit this garden in Colorado. See the farm and animals if you drop by! It’s open to the public Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons 1-6 PM all summer long.

Watch an informative video where Lynn explains How the Soil Food Web Works and talks about using VermisTerra at her farm. To support The Living Farm, use coupon code “livingfarm” for 10% off and VermisTerra will give a percentage to The Living Farm’s education outreach program.

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