What NPK Levels in Worm Castings? What Are the Benefits?

IMG_0667Every gardener that’s growing organic has heard about manure. It’s mother earth’s natural fertilizer; part of the cycle of life. One of the most powerful manures in the world comes from earthworms! Before mankind starting playing in labs, nature knew the best way to feed her plants.

N-P-K stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Three important compounds that are necessary for plant growth. Nitrogen helps plants grow rapidly, produce more seeds and fruit, and improve leaf quality. Phosphorus assists in flower and root development. Potassium assists in the production of protein, the photosynthesis process, resistance of diseases, and overall plant health. These are essential to plant development, but are NOT the only nutrition necessary for healthy plants.

There are a number of compounds that are needed for healthy plants, including: calcium for plant cell wall structure, magnesium as part of the chlorophyll in all green plants, sulfur for the development of vitamins and enzymes, etc.

NPK levels in organic fertilizer are much lower than those shown in synthetic fertilizers during lab testing. They are soil amendments that work slowly over time to improve your soil and to help your plants grow strong. They don’t weaken plants by forcing fast growth and flowering. Therefore, big NPK numbers don’t necessarily mean a better fertilizer.

Worm castings also have  beneficial bacteria and fungi to build up soil, and assists with disease suppression.  Earthworm castings have over 60 micronutrients and trace minerals, including calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphates and potash.

Castings act as a barrier to help plants grow in soil where the pH levels are too high or too low. They balance pH so plants can absorb nutrients from the soil. If that isn’t amazing enough, worm castings also retain moisture which is great for growing in drought conditions.

Lastly, worm castings impromptu soil aeration, improves soil structure, drainage and fertility. With so many benefits to using worm castings, make sure you get pure castings like Vermisterra Fine Earthworm Castings, not something mixed with compost or fillers.

So many reasons to choose Vermisterra organic earthworm castings and tea.

So many reasons to choose Vermisterra organic earthworm castings and tea.