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Healthier Start, Less Pest Issues

” I have been using their worm casting and worm tea products for most of 2017 and I will be continuing to use this as part of my gardening routine going into 2018. I have followed a lot of gardening advice and also learned from trial and error and found out that worm castings and worm tea provide consistent and safe way for plants to get nutrients. While there are other ways to boost your plant’s growth I prefer the steady and healthy results I get from Vermis Terra products.

My new tomato seedlings started off to a healthier start and as the plants grew I had less pest or damage issues that I have had in the past. I use worm castings in the seedling mix and when I transplant. Then I switch to the worm tea as the plants grow. Don’t expect fast growth but do expect healther looking plants. With the worm tea products you may see the plants get an instant pick me up.

I use worm tea in the watering process but you can foliar spray as well, which I have done a few times. You don’t need to worry about how much to apply to your plants. The 2 10lb bags should be enough for one season unless you are a busy gardener with many containers and repotting and transplanting. I have bought the bulk size of worm tea and it is taking a long time to use up. The regular bottles in this Bundle are enough, and again, I don’t really measure the amount, I just pour a couple of caps into a large watering can or in a foliar spray.

This product also won’t do any harm to your plants if you are mixing in compost or other fertilizers. The customer service from Vermis Terra is top notch and I have received hand written notes from Mindy herself. Thanks!”

– E. Gonzalez

Amazon Customer, 5 Star Review