“I’m a consultant for a cucumber greenhouse. We switched from chemical nutrients to VermisTerra to get into the organic market. We used both the worm castings and their tea. Doing so saved us tens of thousands of dollars, then earned us that much more. We could cut down on other nutrients, stop using the expensive UV and RO water systems. First, we saw less algae build up when using VermisTerra tea. No algae meant no more powdery mildew problems either. An unexpected effect was the increased size and increased shelf life of our cucumbers. Usually we have to sell the cucumbers within a week otherwise they go bad. The ones grown using VermisTerra could last for thirty days. We could ship them to other states. Even better, the taste was better. Retailers told us customers came back specifically for our brand because they enjoyed the flavor. This photo shows a conventional hydroponic competitor’s cucumbers compared to our organic VermisTerra grown cucumbers. I highly recommend my clients to use VermisTerra.” — Chris T., Arizona