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Better Bok-Choy in Soil-Less vs Hydroponics

Factory owner Mr. Lin, manufactures home hydroponic systems and petite greenhouses for sale in China.  As organic food gains popularity, more people have interest in growing their own food. Mr. Lin was open to switching to selling soil systems if they could out produce hydro systems. The key was finding a nutrient that was easy for his customers to pop in and grow without much fuss or know how. This year he got his hands on VermisTerra organic worm castings and decided to compare the growth of Asian vegetables in soil vs his hydroponics system.
Comparison of Chinese cabbage “bok choy” grown in hydroponics vs soilless media (coco-coir and VermisTerra worm castings) over two weeks were significant and “better”.

VermisTerra grown plants had:
* Larger and greener leaves
* Hardier thicker stems
* Sweeter taste and better flavor (said his wife)
* Greater average weight of 29% (77g vs 100g)
* Survival of the first leaf from seedling (cotyledon)

With these results, Mr. Lin plans to switch his home greenhouses to include a soilless mix using VermisTerra worm castings.