Success Rooting Woody Herb Cuttings

“I have never had success rooting woody herbs before, but decided to give it a go with VermisTerra worm tea. I took an oregano and rosemary cutting, put them each in a jar of water with a capful of worm tea. I changed the water/tea solution every few days, and they rooted very nice, healthy roots in about three weeks. They grew in the water/tea solution very nicely for a few more weeks, and then I planted them in a small container of soil. Soon they will get planted out in the garden, or given to a friend.” — Kim, Southern CA
aka CaliKim 29 on Youtube.

See her video showing the oregano and rosemary cuttings growing roots Here.

Comment from VermisTerra: The reason why this works so well is because the VermisTerra tea has a pH of 3.8-4 which makes all the elements and trace minerals in the tea available to the cutting! The natural growth hormones get those roots going fast, and the beneficial microbes protect the roots for transplanting!