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In hydroponics, VT boosts plants immune system: more resilient to pests and disease

I have been designing, building, and operating indoor hydroponics systems for over 20 years. One of the biggest no-no’s in hydroponics is adding biological agents to your system. They tend to putrefy in the recirculating reservoir and gunk up the watering system components. As someone that believes passionately in organic farming methods being restricted to salt and mineral based fertilizers is one of the big disappointments of using a traditional hydroponic system.

I am constantly searching for ways to add biology to my Hydroponics system. Vermisterra products are some of the first organic matter fertilizer products that I have been able to successfully integrate into my nutrient regimen.

I began by adding their Worm Tea in a 1:10 ratio in my recirculating reservoirs and they stay fresh with no biological growth or putrefaction for over 2 weeks. I then started using their Coco and Worm Casting Grow Media in my custom soil-less blend. I feel that these products work in tandem extremely well.

The other drawback of hydroponics is that you are basically keeping all of your plants on life support. They are grown in an inert medium and fed a synthetic diet. I believe by integrating Vermisterra’s products into our growing regimen we have boosted the plants immune system. Making them more resilient to pests and disease as well as the stresses inherent with simulated atmospheric conditions.

Cody Henderson,

Chief Agricultural Officer for Smoke Tree Group and Palm Springs Safe Access