Hay Grows in Drought, Survives Frost, and Stays Green

“I have been a cattle rancher in California for 20yrs. 3rd generation cattle ranchers are rare. Even more rare are believers in new products that live up to their billing. One such product that I give full endorsement to is the VermisTerra by JL Organics worm tea. We grew a pasture mix for 10yrs to augment the cattle during the drought yrs. For the last three of those years I used the wormtea exclusively. Ask anyone living in the Central Coast of California what the average rainfall was from 2006-2015. On our ranch we averaged only 4-5″ of sporadic rainfall on a good year. I began applying the tea as recommended and a dramatic improvement to both yield and color was the result. I can’t explain the reasoning. However, all of my neighbors were impressed to see the results firsthand. The cattle were the real beneficiaries. I had heavy bales, with color and ripe heads. As a rancher you trust in your abilities, listen to your gut and stay aware of Mother Nature. I trusted my gut that the VermisTerra by JL Organics worm tea was the right product for me. I’m glad I trusted in my abilities.”

Thank you Mr. Lee for your product,
— Arron J. Cognina, Salinas CA