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Using VermisTerra for Seed Starts

Gary from The Rusted Garden explains the difference between VermisTerra and other organic soil amendments. He’s been testing VermisTerra for 2 years and shares why he likes VermisTerra premium castings compared to other worm castings. He even compares the water weight content in VermisTerra earthworm castings (18%) and another brand (47%).

See his peppers, lettuce, sage, tomatoes, oregano, flowers, mint, grown indoors using VermisTerra aged castings and tea. Don’t overfeed seed starts!



The 10lb bag of premium worm castings will make over 120 quarts of seed starting mix, using the 1/2 cup (3.7 ounces) of castings to 3 quarts of starting mix. That is about 30 gallons of mix. The worm casting teas are concentrates that can be stored in the home, once open.

32 ounces of concentrate will make 10-16 gallons of worm casting tea based on using 2-3 ounces per gallon. A gallon container (128 ounces) of concentrate will make 40-64 gallons.


You can find VermisTerra worm castings and tea here on their site: Use my code THERUSTEDGARDEN to save money on all your purchases. You can also find VermisTerra products on Amazon. Look for discounts and free shipping. Here is Gary’s link to VermisTerra worm casting products: