Video on How to Use VermisTerra Earthworm Tea

Vermisterra Earthworm Tea is one of the most powerful products on the JL Organics line. The nutrient tea is a microbial solution which contains dormant beneficial bacteria and fungi suspended. Once you add water and water using a watering can or irrigation line, the living microbes get to work in your soil. Vermisterra can condition soil, improve soil structure, help with aeration, and work with your living soil to protect your plant’s root system and aid in nutrient absorption.

Many customers report increased fruit, oil, flowers, as well as less soil disease and pest pressure. As the soil health improves, so does the plant health and ability to fight off disease.

Vermisterra Earthworm Tea is great for organic farms and gardening because we go the extra step to lab test each batch of tea. Vermisterra tests for heavy metals and pathogens to make sure the soil amendment is safe for consumption, and safe to use in your home where children and pets are present.

CaliKim’s DIY Home and Garden blog includes a great article on how to use Vermisterra tea, and includes beautiful photos of her garden. Watch this video by CaliKim and Mindy to learn more about how to mix, store, and use Vermisterra Earthworm tea.


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