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Vermisterra Worm Castings: Standard and Premium Grades

Due to popular demand, Vermisterra released a Standard castings to offer customers two grades of organic worm castings to choose from. What’s the difference? The Premium castings are more fine and pure, ideal for indoor gardening, micro greens, and seed starting. The Standard castings are great for outdoor gardening fruit trees, vegetables and raised beds.

Vermisterra earthworm castings have so many benefits! They improve soil structure, fertility, are rich in beneficial bacteria and microbes, regulate plant nutrients for immediate absorption and support against pests and disease. This perfect soil amendment from nature is time released and will not burn your plants. Use once a season; A little goes a long way!

Take home the worm castings used by commercial organic farmers. Peace of mind that each batch of Vermisterra worm castings are lab tested, free of raw compost, guaranteed weed seed free, free of heavy metals and pathogens, aged until stable, screened of debris. Rich in humic acid, beneficial bacteria and fungi, micronutrients, trace elements, and natural growth hormones.


Vermisterra Standard Castings for outdoor use.

Our Standard Castings look like dark coffee grinds and contain small slivers of organic material. Widely used by farmers in fields and orchards, these castings are aged and purer than most competitors. Our standard castings are ideal as a soil amendment, use as potting mix, and general outdoor use:

•Patio and potted plants

•Create your own potting mix

•Conditioning the soil in your yard

•Use in raised beds

•Top dressing for trees, flowers, shrubs

•Provide year round nutrients for vegetable gardens

•Great for fruit tree fertility and production

•Beneficial microbes protect transplants and root area

VT Premium Castings retail $35.99 (discounts when you order 2 or more)


Vermisterra Premium Castings are super fine and ideal for indoor growing and seed starting.

Our Premium Castings are super fine, are weed seed free and have no odor. Originally formulated for commercial greenhouses, these castings are aged and purer than most competitors. Our fine nano particles of worm castings are ideal for seed starting, house plants, and indoor growing:

– Natural growth hormones great for Seed Starting

– Clean and efficient nutrient for Microgreens

– Time released, Balanced nutrition for Bonsai

– Time released, Balanced nutrition for Orchids

– Clean and efficient nutrient for your House plants

– Clean and efficient nutrient for Greenhouse use

VT Standard Castings retail $24.99 (discounts when you order 2 or more)