Video Interview: The Power of Earthworm Castings and How to Use Them!

Last weekend, Mindy joined Youtube gardening blogger CaliKim29 to discuss the power of earthworm castings and show viewers hands on how to use them! Watch the video below to see Kim and Mindy plant tomato seeds, transplant seedlings, and dig a hole to find worm friends!


Mindy shares about how the company first started from farming row crops and found their way from using synthetic fertilizers to using organic methods. JL Organics LLC helps farmers switch to organic. Learn why we are so passionate about bringing the purest castings available for agriculture and home garden use!

We feed our worms green waste only, and lab test each batch to ensure that our worm castings are free from heavy metals. Vermisterra worm castings are certified organic by the USDA and are approved organic input material (OIM) by the California CDFA.

Earth worm castings are great for seed starting and protecting roots when transplanting seedlings. Earth worm castings provide elements, micronutrients, trace minerals, growth hormones, and beneficial microbes to your plants. Castings also help with soil structure and water retention. A little goes a long way!