VermisTerra Vitality


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VermisTerra Vitality

VermisTerra Vitality super fine earthworm castings in a liquid form that’s easy for plants to absorb, gentle and nourishing, revitalizing struggling plants.

Vitality provides micronutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes. It boosts health and vitality in all plants and aids in creating a healthy environment for container and indoor plants.

Earthworm Castings in easy to use liquid form

Vitality is extracted from earthworm castings. It’s an all natural bio-stimulant that helps nutrient uptake, provides micronutrients, trace minerals and builds a living soil. Boosts health and vitality for all plants.

“Exponential growth in Microgreens when using 12% vitality saw roots grew to be 2-3 inches long compared to 1/2 inch on the ones without.”

– Misilla  @Learn To Grow


Great for seed starting

Give seeds a healthy start! Gentle and improves germination rates. Provides essential nutrients.

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Use when transplanting seedlings and trees

Reduce shock and strengthen roots. Dip transplants in diluted Vitality or water into soil after transplanting.

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Use on fruit trees and vegetables

Regular use promotes growth, fertility and yield. The power of bags of earthworm castings concentrated into a one bottle. May be used in place of worm castings.

Excellent for container plants, bonsai, exotic and house plants

Replenishes natural bio systems for container grown plants. Improves health of soil and all types of plants: bonsai, orchids, houseplants, fruit trees, flowers, herbs, vegetables, microgreens, cannabis and more. Use indoor or outdoors.

Formulated for hydroponics and aeroponics

100% water soluble, will not clog emitters or pumps. Keeps water stable for longer. Vitality is pH7.

Safe to Use in Aquariums and Terrariums

All natural, pure and safe to use in aquariums, terrariums, with reptiles, fish and aquatic life. Keeps water stable.

Many long term benefits

The longer you use Vitality, the more your soil will transform and the less frequently you’ll need to apply it.  Use at different rates to:

promote health and vitality

boost growth and yield

amend soil in place of regular earthworm castings.

Application Guide

Shake very well.
Dilute with a gallon of water.  Use as feed water every 1-2 weeks.
For Indoor/Container Plants: 1/8 to 1/4 tsp  
For Outdoor/Soil  1 – 2 oz 
For Propagation:  Dip cutting in pure Vitality before planting.

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