VermisTerra HydroSpiral is a deep root watering apparatus which installs into the ground near the base of the plant. As a mesh tube that is buried into the ground, a drip type irrigation emitter is then fed above the top of the tube. By feeding the irrigation water directly into the top of the HydroSpiral, water is directed down towards the root zone. This method is an efficient way of irrigating crops without wasting a lot of the water due to evaporation and runoff. The mesh of the HydroSpiral also allows for more aeration to the root zone, bolstering the microbial activity and leading to more strong and healthy plants.


Efficient Water Usage

Water is often wasted due to evaporation or runoff.  HydroSpiral improves water efficiency and minimizes the total water volume required to irrigate trees.  As water moves through the HydroSpiral and reaches root cluster areas efficiently by soil capillary action, resulting in less evaporation.


Improve Root Zone

HydroSpiral helps plant roots to grow deeper and broader, resulting in greater tree stability, higher survival rates and healthier long-term growth.

Many transplanted trees and shrubs suffer form low survival rate, mainly due to poor root system establishment.  HydroSpiral helps to minimize transplant shock and aids in establishing deep strong roots.


Reduce Weeds

HydroSpiral guides irrigation water into the ground bypassing the top surface where weeds thrive. As weeds do not have access to water, their numbers are cut significantly. Lowering the weed population will save time and money spent on removing them.


Durable Functional Material

HydroSpiral Tubes are made of an anti-clogging heavy duty PE plastic. The T-type thread design is resistant to high compression.

0.9 x 1.2 mm sidewall openings made of a high density mesh that minimizes soil entering the tube.  Therefore, the need for extra filter material is not necessary.

University of Arizona Research

University of Arizona’s School of Plant Sciences conducted a study examining growth, establishment and survival of 48 ash trees transplanted at a Tucson, AZ test site.

Due to their root growth and root mass, the trees watered with the deep root systems demonstrated the ability to quickly thrive after transplanting.

Deep root watering enhances each tree’s chance of survival, helping it grow new roots more quickly and minimizing the need to buy and plant costly replacement trees.

Half the trees were irrigated with a pair of deep root watering systems, the other half irrigated with bubblers near the trees’ trunk. They found:

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is achieved by greatly reducing loss due to evaporation and runoff typical of surface irrigation.

Increase Transplant Survival

Deep root watering can increase a tree’s chances of transplant survival.

Faster Root Establishment

Deep root irrigation helps tree and shrub root systems become established more quickly by providing water, oxygen and nutrients at lower levels in the root zone.

deeper root growth after 3 months
greater overall root mass 13 months after planting
more above ground growth

Active Soil

HydroSpiral is a great tool to distribute irrigation water, as well as nutrients, to plant roots. This makes HydroSpiral a great means to deliver VermisTerra Earthworm Casting Tea to where it matters most.  VermisTerra Tea is a liquid nutrient along with high number of beneficial bacteria. With deep root irrigation, the microbes are able to work to enhance deeper into the soil, making it more suitable for vigorous and robust plant growth.

How Worm Tea and Hydrospiral Work Together

About the Hydrospiral

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