HydroSpiral Tube Photo Gallery

VermisTerra HydroSpiral Gallery

Organic Bay Trees

Desert grown bay trees receive hydrospirals in between every other tree to reduce water lost to evaporation. They’re watered once a week. We checked moisture levels and found the water soaked at least 4 to 5 feet out from the tubes. The surface was dry but once we dug down 1 foot, you could see moisture.

Table Grapes

Installed hydrospiral on desert grown table grapes to reduce water usage by 25%. The test row received some VermisTerra tea and hydrospiral tubes were placed between each grapevine. Grape and leaf growth was comparable to neighboring rows. Lab tests to come.

Permaculture Homestead

Irrigator in Texas installs hydrospirals on large scale permaculture projects to improve watering efficiency.

Plumeria Trees

Master Gardener in Palm Desert, California installs hydospiral on citrus and plumeria trees.

All Kinds of Trees

Hydrospiral Tube is compatible with many drip irrigation systems. Other installations on a moringa tree and avocado trees to reduce water waste. For a date palm ranch, a huge benefit was reducing weed growth by eliminating moisture on the soil surface.