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Vitality is superfine worm castings in liquid form. Concentrate worm castings that’s easy to absorb. Vitality is even more fine than Premium Earthworm Castings. Great for all plants but especially gentle on struggling plants.

Vitality provides micronutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes. It boosts health and vitality in all plants. Aids in creating a healthy environment for container and indoor plants. Will not burn plants. Gentle ingredients are perfect for stressed or struggling plants. Excellent for exotic and long-lived plants.

Improves health of soil and all types of plants: bonsai, houseplants, fruit trees,  flowers, vegetables, micro-greens and more. Perfect for indoor potted plants, bonsai, seed starting, transplanting and microgreens. Safe to use with water plants, self watering containers, and hydroponics systems. Best if used with VermisTerra Tea.

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