Why Can’t We Wash Off E.Coli on Romaine Lettuce?

CDC is urging Americans to throw away any Romaine lettuce they have. Many of died from lettuce tainted with e.Coli, that’s very scary. I used to think it was a matter of washing the vegetables.
Actually, the cause of pathogens in vegetables is using raw soil amendments like manures too close to harvest. There are regulations that require farmers to only apply fertilizers if there’s enough time for them to break down.
It’s not just about washing it off because these pathogens live within the tissue on the plant.
Thankfully for those gardening at home, VermisTerra earthworm casting products do not have pathogens, our formula allows microbes to pass that harmful stage. In face we lab test all our products to ensure they are heavy metal free and pathogen free (e.coli and salmonella).