A safe way to introduce beneficial microorganisms to hydroponic growing. Vermisterra Vitality is a super fine micronized earthworm castings extract formulated for Hydroponics use. It is water soluble, has no odor, and will keep water balanced for longer while boosting plant health and yields. 100% water soluble, will not clog emitters and pumps. Create’s a balanced and living water, ideal for hydroponic growth and maintaining aquariums. Can also be used in soil.


Save on plant food by reducing nutrients to only 50% the recommended rate.

Save on water, no need to constantly replace water. Vitality and worm tea microbes keep your reservoir balanced and stable for longer. After following the set up rate and maintenance for 1-2 months, expect the water to be balanced.
 Save time, No need to pH the water up or down. Just monitor the EC every other day or less.

Benefits Observed

Healthier growth and increased yield (doubled weight).
Quicker growth, and shorter time until harvest.
Better quality produce: healthier and more tender leaves, sweeter taste, and better flavor.
Reduced risk of E.Coli, pathogens or heavy metals.
Reduced algae and biofilm, microbes will break down scale.

Rates and Maintenance

SET UP: You will need EC and PH meters.

We recommend using soft water (not hard water). If needed, use a filter to remove any salts of calcium or magnesium . It’s ok if the water contains other minerals. Reverse osmosis water is also suitable.

Calculate reservoir water volume in ounces.

Add 3% worm tea to water volume.

Add 10% Vitality to water volume.

Add 50% of recommended rate on the Nutrient label.


MAINTENANCE: continue for 1-2 months. You will notice the more time passes, the less supplements and less frequently you’ll need to feed into the water.

Periodically check water EC:

Keep EC between 1 and 1.5.

When it drops below 2: Add 1% nutrient, 1% Vitality, and 1% worm tea.

Check EC and repeat until EC reaches 1.5.
Check and remove debris from the water (dead leaves, small floating particles of dead roots is ok. The microbes will digest it).

After filling reservoir with water that’s consumed or evaporated, check both the EC and PH.

If PH is too low, add 1% Vitality and 1% nutrient, repeat until it reaches 5.5 – 6.5.

Keep EC between 1 – 1.5

If EC is too low, add 1% Vitality, 1% nutrient and 1% worm tea, repeat until EC is between 1 – 1.5.  Adjustments: If EC falls below 1, add more Vitality. If EC is above 2, add more water. 


A regular practice in hydroponic growing is to clean the reservoir out and dump all the nutrients. When using Vermisterra, your water will stay balanced, and gets more stable if you maintain it correctly. It’s important to keep that water, but filter out any residual waste like large root masses, dead leaves, etc. You can still  wash the inside and outside of your reservoirs. 



Vitality is effective for use in commercial hydroponic systems, kratky method, aero garden, grow towers, and more.